24- May2017
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10 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World (Watch Video)

Restaurants are the places where we spend our leisure time in dining at special places unlike our usual dining table at home. They differentiate in cuisines, services, ambiance and theme. They may be inexpensive, mid range and luxurious allowing everyone to dine with their choice. Restaurants, too, have been witnessing many innovations around the world. People always try to do what has never been done and so can be seen in this article. These are the most unusual restaurants in the world which may leave you confused and surprised at the same time.

Watch this video to get a grip of rest of the article:

Note: Images used in this article are grabbed from the above embedded video

1. Clothing Optional Dinners


As the name suggests it is a place where diners strip their clothes and dine freely. Started as an event in Manhattan, New York but soon it became regular and now a part of its unusual theme.

2. Dans Le Noir


This restaurant has an entirely different ambiance. Diners are allowed to dine in a dark room with their eyes blindfolded. They say that blindfolding is intended to heighten the taste of food. Get small business grants ontario with no difficulty at all.

3. Dick’s Last Resort


Unlike other unusual ambiance based restaurants, this restaurant took an unprecedented step of dining. Here the staffs insult you by writing the insults on a hat that you have to wear.

4. Ninja New York


Ninjas have nothing to do with food right? Well, this restaurant provides you a different surrounding while you head towards it through a tunnel. Ninjas serve you and perform acts while you dine and enjoy.

5. Devil Island Prison


Located in Devil island, China, this restaurant is completely based on prison theme. The idea behind it is to show people how tough the life of a prisoner is so that they don’t ought to do immoral things in life.

6. Modern toilet


The theme of this restaurant, located in Taiwan, is totally a toilet based. Be it the chairs, tables or the utensils all have been intended to make toilet stuffs.

7. Itiiaa Undersea Restaurant


Restaurant undersea is what thrills with excitement. This one is in Maldives and offer you to dine at 16 feet under seawater. It is made with acrylic to experience underwater life.

8. Heart Attack Grill


Situated at Las Vegas Nevada, this restaurant is famous for its hospital based theme and unusual names of hamburgers. Moreover diners with weight over 350 pounds get the food for free!

9. Cannibalistic Restaurant, Japan


This may be one of the weirdest restaurants you have ever visited. Food is served on female dummy body which is torn and food is extracted. Isn’t it so weird?

10. Cabbages And Condoms


One of the most unusual restaurants in Thailand. It is decorated with condoms and even food items are like condoms. Servers wear condoms balloons over their head.


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