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29- Nov2017
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4 Reasons Why Muay Thai Training Translates into Self-Defense Applications

Not everyone who takes lessons in Muay Thai wants to become a professional fighter. A great many Thai boxing enthusiasts take classes to get in shape, eliminate stress, and take part in an active hobby. All these reasons are fine, but what about self-defense training. In the “good old days” of martial arts, students focused mainly on self-defense applications. The current combat arts landscape puts a lot of emphasis on sportive training. Does this mean those with a desire to learn self-defense feel left out in a Thai boxing class? Not at all since Thai boxing can be a great art for self-protection. The following four reasons should prove the point Thai boxing can be awesome for self-defense.

1. Muay Thai teaches students how to use “heavy tools” vital for self-defense.

The use of knee and elbow strikes allow Muay Thai to stand apart from many other martial arts. A good reason exists why so many traditional full contact kickboxing organizations bar these techniques. Knees and elbows can be devastating. For the same reason, knee and elbow strikes can be quite effective in a serious self-defense situation.

2. That boxing puts a heavy emphasis on close-quarters combat.

In Thai boxing, fighters spend a lot of time fighting it out in the clinch. Yes, punching and kicking comprise a lot of action per round but close-quarters clinch battles play a big part as well. Clinch fighting translates to self-defense since most fights, skirmishes, and attacks occur in close range. Thai boxing’s approach to close-quarter fighting is among the most sophisticated of all the martial arts. Anyone who develops good Thai boxing clinch skills may find these abilities valuable in self-defense scenarios. The Lanna MMA website has more online resources and references available.

3. Foot sweeps and throws can be used in self-defense to great effect.

Thai boxing is not considered a grappling art to the same degree as other martial arts. In truth, Thai boxing focuses mainly on striking. Within the standup fighting system, the art does employ throws and foot sweeps. In the ring, these techniques can help a fighter amass points to win a round. With self-defense situations, they can be used to put an assailant on the ground. Maybe grounding an attacker could give a “victim” ample time to run to safety.

4. The sportive techniques can provide a strong basis for reality fighting training.

While Muay Thai is a sport, effective sports training carries over into reality-based self-defense training. Those who enroll in courses designed to simulate street attacks find their sports training makes them better able to perform self-defense techniques. Improved toughness, extensive sparring experience, and increased cardiovascular conditioning definitely are good to draw on in self-defense training.

29- Sep2017
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4 Different Types of Freight Services

Have you ever required freight services? Which one did you use? Virtually everyone needs courier services once in a while. Delivery services are used to export, import, and carriage of local goods using various transportation companies. Different shipping needs are dealt with by freight services. Every company that provides any transportation services is reliable and convenient. Dangerous property and highly perishable good can be transported. Needs of various customers are taken into consideration. The availability of online tracking option enables the tracking of delivery all over and the shipment.

The services involve loading, unloading, and insurance services. The client’s goods are loaded into the container from the source and unloaded once they rich the destination. Special facilities for transporting freight that requires special conditions are available. For example, transportation of precious goods like gold or blood may need insurance services since they are risky. Here are various types of freight services that offered by different companies such as trucking companies, Canadian trucking company, and Transportation Company.

1. Air freight services

This is a type of duty that is dedicated deal with logistics for delivering of cargo. Air services are fast. Air freight has a high density which makes them not occupy much space on a cargo plane. However, they meet the required weight to be considered freight. If the package weight is more than 100 pounds, Air freight transportation is the best because of cost-effectiveness. Canadian trucking companies have delivery services. Most likely you can consider the use of this freight when your goods are urgently needed. The best thing with air freight is the flexibility having global coverage.

2. Less Than Full Truckloads

These type of services is offered to a customer whose goods don’t need the entire trailer. They good for companies that anticipate low volume or don’t necessary needs rushed deliveries. Trucking companies offer this service effectively. The remaining space in the truck is packed with cargo from other businesses that wish to save money on their small good. You can find more resources available at the Fortigo Freight Services website.

3. Partial Truckload

This type differs with Less Than Truckload freight. The freight involves delivering of fewer loads at a time and deal with all kinds of cargo. Refrigerated, overweight, and temperature-controlled goods are also accommodated in the freight. The issue of logistics is also considered. The truck is mainly preserved for medium-size loads.

4. Full Truckloads

Deliveries are expected to occupy the entire trailer. Companies with large and bulky load can choose this type of freight. A lot of commodities usually offset the cost of a bigger truck. The truck is typically faster as compared to Less Than Load because it does not drop the load along the way.

Those are the principal types of freight service that are provided by different companies such, Trucking company, transportation company, and Canadian trucking company. You should consider using the transportation that will suit your needs and the one that is cost friendly.

22- Sep2017
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7 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Accounts Receivable

A common reason why a private enterprise shuts down is because they have run out of money. In today’s hectic work environment and ultra-competitive economy, it is important to get paid as fast as possible. What business can wait a handful of months to receive their money? The answer is no one, which is why many companies will take advantage of accounts receivable, or AR – you and your team will quickly learn that cash is king.

Here are seven tips to improve your company’s accounts receivable (AR):

1. Don’t Get Stuck in Long-Term Factoring Contracts

Suffice to say, most small business owners make the mistake of entering into long-term factoring receivables contracts. There are multiple negatives of getting involved in such an extensive contract, especially if you think you have chosen the wrong third-party company.

2. Bank Lockbox vs. Private Lockbox

Here is a bit of advice to save you headaches in the future: select an accounts receivable factor firm that uses a bank lockbox rather than a private lockbox. The former is important because banks will extend you detailed reports if the payments take too long to process.

3. Track All Payments Carefully

Perhaps this is just common sense, but every company should track all payments carefully. To ensure that you get paid and you know who owes what, you need to properly monitor payments.

4. Speak with a Bank for Better Cash Managing Tools

As we previously mentioned, your business never wants to run out of cash. Should you not receive your payments on time, then it would be wise to speak with a bank for better cash managing tools to remain in the black. This will prevent stress should a client not pay up.

5. Minimize Any Payment Barriers

You want to avoid excuses, you want to prevent delays and you want to keep the customer happy. The best way to achieve these results? Minimize any and all payment barriers – allows your clients to pay any way that they choose.

6. Limit Credit to Overdue Clients

First, it’s important to establish a credit policy – who, what and when. Second, it is pertinent to limit credit to overdue clients – it’s OK for a client of five years to miss a payment once in a while, but if they do this on a regular basis then you will have issues down the line.

7. Keep Notes of Every Transaction & Meeting

Lastly, like a client relationship management (CRM) system, you should keep and maintain in-depth notes pertaining to each transaction and meeting with your clients. This is an organizational skill that will ensure your company gets its money.

22- Sep2017
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Top 9 Reasons To Use Document Scanning Services

Scanning all of your business documents is an overwhelming task, but it can bring you many benefits. Hiring someone else to scan your documents is an even better idea if you want to save time and money. Here are the top 9 reasons to use document scanning services.

1. Keep your original documents in great condition

Scanning your paper documents will allow you to keep them in perfect condition, while you can add personal notes and reminders to your scanned copies.

2. Access your documents from anywhere

When your documents are scanned and stored online, your employees can have access to them anytime, whether they are working in your office, from home, or on the road.

3. Store your documents in a secure document management system

When you hire a scanning service, your scanned documents will be stored in a document management system. It’s an easy way to keep your business secure and compliant, and to keep track of who is viewing your documents.

4. Find what you need more quickly

Searching through file cabinets to find the paper document you need can be a waste of time. Using keywords to find the scanned document you are looking for is quicker and much easier.

5. Save some time

By using document scanning services instead of asking your employees to scan all of your documents, you are saving a lot of time and increasing your productivity.

6. Save some money

Scanning documents and working with them online should be more cost-effective than printing out documents, and having to maintain your printer and to purchase printing supplies. You will also not be wasting any ink or paper.

7. Save some space in your office

If you don’t need to keep your original documents in great condition, you can simply get rid of them and keep only the scanned copies. This is an easy way to save some space in your office.

8. Keep your documents safe

Keeping your scanned documents online in a secure system will protect them from theft, fire or flooding. Keeping your documents stored in different locations will ensure that you will never lose them, no matter what happens.

9. Get all the support you need

When you hire the right document scanning services, you will be able to receive helpful support if there is an issue with your scanned documents or with your storage and management system. Check out the CASNET website if you want to learn more.

22- Sep2017
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7 Tips to Purify Your Drinking Water with Water Purification Tablets

Whether you are a survival enthusiast who needs water or you’re a homeowner sick and tired of the poor-quality drinking water, the best solution to your liquid needs are water purification tablets. Great for emergencies or backpacking, water purification tablets help remove the contaminants, pollutants and impurities in your drinking water. These have been sublime solutions for all types of people: campers and homeowners, joggers and backpackers.

Here are seven tips to purify your drinking water with water purification tablets:

1. Filter the Dirty Water Before Dissolving

Before you drop a tablet or two in your water, you should first attempt to filter the dirty water before dissolving. You can achieve this by using a piece of cheesecloth or a pantyhose to extract some of the horrendous elements in the dirty water.

2. 1 Tablet Per 10 Litres of Water

Depending on the tablets you purchase, it is recommended that all you need is one tablet per 10 litres of water. Again, depending on the tablet, some say that you need two tablets for every half litre of water. It is important to read the instructions of the water purification tablets to make sure you’re doing the right thing.

3. Shake the Container to Mix

Once you have dropped a tablet inside of the water then the next step is to shake the container to mix the water and the purification tablets. It would be best to shake up to one to two minutes.

4. Wait Several Minutes to Consume the Water

After the integration has been complete, you should wait a couple of minutes before you start to drink the water.

5. Use a Water Purification System in Your Home

Even if you’re not in some forest or trail, you should still consider the efficacy of water purification by installing water purification systems in your home. It is a hefty investment, but it is worthwhile and will keep your body healthy and hydrated.

6. Always Have Tablets in Your Emergency Kit

If you don’t have an emergency kit then it’s important to buy one. That said, one of the most important components to have in your emergency kit are water purification tablets. Should an earthquake, flood or tornado rummage through your area, you can still remain hydrated.

7. Don’t Add Other Harsh Elements to the Water

Finally, it would be a prudent idea to refrain from adding other harsh elements to your purified water. Indeed, you can boil your food with this purified water, but don’t try to “sauce” it up with rum, whiskey or bourbon. For more resources, the Global Hydration website may provide you with additional information.

31- Jul2017
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4 Reasons to Use Corner Guards in Your Home or Business

Accidents happen. This is a fact of life. One of the best ways that you deal with accidents is to prepre for them. Whether in a home or business, this is the key to reducing costs and protecting the people who are in a specific location. A great way to do this is to use corner guards on your corners.

Guards are an investment into your home or business and will pay for themselves in the long run. The following are four excellent reasons why you should use guards in your property.

1. Protect Drywall Corners from Damage
The primary reason most people use a corner guard is for protecting walls from damage. Corners are often the most damaged part of your walls. Their location makes it easy for items being carried or pushed to be caught on them. The result is dents, gouges, and torn drywall paper.

Using a guard reinforces the corner and provides an additional barrier that helps protect your finish and will keep your corners looking great for years to come. The good news is that they can be purchased to match any decor and some models may also be painted to blend in.

2. Prevent Wallpaper from Peeling Up
The worst part about using wallpaper in a home is that it often will peel at the corners over time. This is especially true in the kitchen and bathroom where moisture eats away at the adhesive. If you plan to add wallpaper during your home or business renovations, consider adding a guard to every wallpapered corner to keep the wallpaper looking great for much longer.

A high quality guard will keep the paper in place and help your wallpaper last longer. saving you money on repairs.

3. Prevent Injury
Corners are a common area in a commercial business or home where injuries occur. Rubber corner guards are an excellent solution to this proble and are very durable.

Toddlers and young children are especially prone to injury on corners. When they run and play, they simply do not pay attention. A rubber guard on corners will minimize injuries and keep children safe. If you want to learn more, visit Boss Corner Guards.

4. Add Architectural Interest
If you feel like a room needs a little something, a decorative guard is a great way to protect and enhance a room. Wooden guards can be add architectural elements, similar to crown moldings. Stainless steel and aluminum can also be cut into intricate designs or have textured patterns that add to the archictecture of a space.

Corner guards are an excellent additon to any home or business’s decor. A high quality guard will save you money, protect people from injury, beautify a space, and provide you with piece of mind.

09- Jun2017
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The Beneficiaries of Field Service Management Software

Geographically dispersed work requires great collaboration, coordination and information mobility. That is where field service management software comes in to handle scheduling, dispatch and service parts management. The software automates and streamlines the entire service process and offers connected and disconnected mobility. Field service management software (FSM) helps companies such as HVAC firms plumbing companies, and electricians to send technicians into the field.

FSM software can automate most tasks currently done on paper like invoicing and scheduling. Additionally, the software enhances communication between professionals on the ground and employees in the office with the use of bills or work orders. Candidates of FSM software are companies whose field work is fundamental to their model. Such companies have their assets and equipment located across extensive geographic areas; thus, they require inspections, repairs, efficient monitoring, testing, and installation.

How FSM software helps the company:

Managers in an organization no longer have to call technicians or wait for them to come in to collect orders. FSM software helps managers to dispatch through features such as automatic invoicing and scheduling. The features aid in saving time for managers by carrying out a job that is hard to do on paper easily. Automatic scheduling reminders give managers peace of mind knowing that your workers will not miss an appointment.

Customers can use the client portal to schedule appointments without the struggle of calling the office. Additionally, FSM software enables clients to receive calls 30 minutes before a service technician arrives at their location to alert them that the technician is on the way. Clients also get a detailed description of the professional’s work including what they will fix and the pricing. FSM software enables customers to pay for the task after its competition. For additional information, visit Miracle Service and learn more from their online resources.


Technicians have less down time in their day because they don’t have to go back to the office to pick up work orders or turn in invoices. FSM software has mobile solution feature that helps technicians to trace a job location in the fastest way possible through the GPS system. Additionally, technicians have the service history of a site at their fingerprints. Therefore, they quickly learn helpful tips such as parts that have caused trouble in the past as well as what they should consider. Consequently, the inventory manager ensures that the technician never gets stuck at a site without the necessary tools or equipment.

FSM software is also used for accounting purposes. You can easily manage account transactions, which keeps accountants updated on the available funds and the capacity to work within the budget. Additionally, the software can be used to import and export data for use with standard software applications. The best part is that the software provides flexibility without compromising on quality and time.

FSM software helps in managing and field service scheduling work. Additionally, technicians can offer better preventative maintenance services, which improve customer experience. Every company should consider purchasing field service management software.

08- Jun2017
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Four Important Tips to Have When Negotiating Personal Guarantee

If, by some change, you do manage to get a loan, you will notice they don’t have strict rules like you being asked to read and sign a personal guarantee form which will put your own assets like real estate, car/s, savings, and other valuables, at the lender’s hands should you fail to repay the loan. Most of the time, you find that businesses and business owners feel so relieved and overjoyed of getting a loan that they forget to read the fine print binding the loan. And you find that this is what usually puts them at risk.

But it is extremely vital that you read the fine print of the loan you are about to take, and even try to negotiate the terms of the agreement. Who knows, you may be lucky and find things like the interest rates being adjusted more in your favor. In most borrowing situations, you find that the lender is the person always in the driver’s seat, and it is what he/she says that is the law on the loan. But there are some occasions and tips that you can apply when negotiating personal guarantee agreements that can help you seize some control over the terms too. Here are some of them that you can try out and see how they work out for you and your business.

1. Spread the risk

There are times when you will find that all the owners of the business, and not just the primary owner, are needed to sign the personal guarantee forms of the lender. If your business has multiple investors, for example, who own at least 10% of the business each. The lender may require that all of them put their signatures on the personal guarantee form. This ensures that each of the investors should be liable for some portion of the loan and any risks incurred as well. But it is advisable that each person who puts his/her signature on the personal guarantee form only accounts for the risk of the equivalent amount to his/her percentage of the company’s investment. In this case, for example, each investor should only be liable for 10% of the debt should anything go wrong.

2. Shorten the time frame

Many personal guarantee forms are usually signed ‘unconditionally and forever’ and for the term of the loan, it is advisable that you, the borrower, try to negotiate with the lender on an end date for the loan. You can request, for example, that the terms set on the personal guarantee form only applies to a portion of the total time that you are given to repay the loan. You can also try and negotiate an end date on some provisions of the personal guarantee agreement.

3. Limit the amount of guarantee

As the borrower, you can also try and protect yourself by requesting to have only a percentage, or portion of the loan to be covered by the personal agreement. Say, for example, that you are borrowing $1 million. What you can do here is try and negotiate with the lender if it can be possible to have the personal guarantee to cover only 60% of the whole loan. This will protect your business from suffering the loss of the whole $1 million should the business default to pay back the full loan amount. At least your collateral and personal assets will be off the hook for the whole $1 million.

4. Beware of risking it all

Before you agree to sign the personal guarantee form, you need to, first, carve out some of your assets that the bank can seize like your home should you default to pay back the loan. Some states in the U.S. like Texas and Florida, have it in law that banks or any other lenders can’t seize your homestead if you default to pay back any loan. But if you live in a state where this is not law, then you need to ensure that you cover these assets and protect the assets that you can’t afford to risk.

29- May2017
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6 Most Influential World Leaders You Need To Look Upto!

The game of power has attracted millions of people since the dawn of mankind. Every generation has one such person who has been looked up as the idol for everyone. The influence created by them might have been positive or negative, but boy,Influence is influence! Let’s look at few of the leaders around the world who have an astounding impact in world politics:

Donald Trump


Famous for his blatant speeches and staunch white nationalist views, the American President Donald Trump has been in the headlines ever since he started his election campaign. While his views were widely criticized by a lot of people in America and around the world, he was elected as the president in 2017 by majority.

Vladimir Putin


Talking about power and influence and not mentioning the President of the Russian federation would be an injustice to power itself. He is by far, the most influential current leader in the world. Be it his personality, stardom, decision-making or will power, Mr. Time Traveler has always created impact! To avoid sever management hazzles, try IP Address Management Software today.

Narendra Modi


The country obsessed with politics chose Mr. Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister in 2014 and is said to have never looked back ever since. Even at the age of 66, this man has influenced the world with his aura and has been one of the favorite leaders worldwide. You can make out of his popularity from the fact that about 18,000 people gathered at the Madison square when he was delivering a speech in 2014!

Justin Trudeau


Ever since he became the Canadian Prime Minister, he has always been admired by the people of his country and around the world. Be it his dynamic personality or a composed nature, he can make you fall for him. Moreover, his views and secularism and feminism is worth his position.

Kim Jong-un


I told you, influence is influence, good or bad! His Wikipedia page mentions him as ‘the supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly referred to as North Korea’. The country can be called anything but a democracy. Kim is famous for his hatred expressed in a blatant form to ‘whomsoever it may concern’. He talks openly about bombing big nations around the world.

Xi Jinping


The Chinese president Xi Jinping has always been talked about for his international policies and relations with the countries around the world. He is also the general secretary of the Communist Party of China.

24- May2017
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10 Most Bizarre Restaurants In The World (Watch Video)

Restaurants are the places where we spend our leisure time in dining at special places unlike our usual dining table at home. They differentiate in cuisines, services, ambiance and theme. They may be inexpensive, mid range and luxurious allowing everyone to dine with their choice. Restaurants, too, have been witnessing many innovations around the world. People always try to do what has never been done and so can be seen in this article. These are the most unusual restaurants in the world which may leave you confused and surprised at the same time.

Watch this video to get a grip of rest of the article:

Note: Images used in this article are grabbed from the above embedded video

1. Clothing Optional Dinners


As the name suggests it is a place where diners strip their clothes and dine freely. Started as an event in Manhattan, New York but soon it became regular and now a part of its unusual theme.

2. Dans Le Noir


This restaurant has an entirely different ambiance. Diners are allowed to dine in a dark room with their eyes blindfolded. They say that blindfolding is intended to heighten the taste of food. Get small business grants ontario with no difficulty at all.

3. Dick’s Last Resort


Unlike other unusual ambiance based restaurants, this restaurant took an unprecedented step of dining. Here the staffs insult you by writing the insults on a hat that you have to wear.

4. Ninja New York


Ninjas have nothing to do with food right? Well, this restaurant provides you a different surrounding while you head towards it through a tunnel. Ninjas serve you and perform acts while you dine and enjoy.

5. Devil Island Prison


Located in Devil island, China, this restaurant is completely based on prison theme. The idea behind it is to show people how tough the life of a prisoner is so that they don’t ought to do immoral things in life.

6. Modern toilet


The theme of this restaurant, located in Taiwan, is totally a toilet based. Be it the chairs, tables or the utensils all have been intended to make toilet stuffs.

7. Itiiaa Undersea Restaurant


Restaurant undersea is what thrills with excitement. This one is in Maldives and offer you to dine at 16 feet under seawater. It is made with acrylic to experience underwater life.

8. Heart Attack Grill


Situated at Las Vegas Nevada, this restaurant is famous for its hospital based theme and unusual names of hamburgers. Moreover diners with weight over 350 pounds get the food for free!

9. Cannibalistic Restaurant, Japan


This may be one of the weirdest restaurants you have ever visited. Food is served on female dummy body which is torn and food is extracted. Isn’t it so weird?

10. Cabbages And Condoms


One of the most unusual restaurants in Thailand. It is decorated with condoms and even food items are like condoms. Servers wear condoms balloons over their head.

23- May2017
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Daily Habits of Great Olympic Athletes!

Great success requires great devotion and dedication. This is what we need to keep in mind whenever we dream of achieving something. Whatever comes easy would not last for long and Whatever comes hard is for you to cherish lifelong. So, to be motivated and read these inspiring articles, you need to have IPv6 Adoption in your system for secure performance.

Following mentioned are the simple and yet out of the box habits of successful Olympic athletes to better their performance:

1. Nutrients

It is the most essential aspect to provide strength and durability to your body. Novak Djokovic is a star athlete who follows a special combination of diet including water at room temperature, 2 tbsp honey, and a breakfast of oatmeal, seeds, and fruits. Coconut water is used by him for hydrating himself through the day.

By Christian Mesiano (Novak Djokovic) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Christian Mesiano (Novak Djokovic) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

2. Qualitative Sleep

This is one important aspect worked upon by swimming champion, Michael Phelps. He has a dedicated chamber at a particular altitude for sleeping off every night for quality relaxation. But, on a simpler note, a dark and cool environment for sleep is of utmost importance. Also, electronic gadgets should be avoided in order to restrain any obstacle in your sound sleep.

By Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil [CC BY 3.0 br], via Wikimedia Commons
By Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil [CC BY 3.0 br], via Wikimedia Commons

3. Focused Mind

This is one important step to be successful as followed by Clarie Lloyd, a Soccer player from the USA. Her game plan is to focus on her mind and conceptualize the situation that she wants to have in her game. In world cup 2015, she scored 3 goals and just before the match, she formulated a situation in her mind to score 4 goals.

4. Record Keeping

A runner, Eliud Kipchoge from Kenya makes sure that he sleeps off by 9 pm and have an hour of a nap in the day hours. But, what keeps him going is his habit of keeping track of training and all the developed habits and the successes attained with them in order to draw parallels to retain his position.

By The Wolf at ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By The Wolf at ( [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

5. Self-Confidence

Claressa Shields, a Boxing champion from the USA believes it is the best to have self-confidence and maintain a line so that it does not transform into arrogance. She believes in herself and completely explains what she is and what she is planning to do before the next competition.

By Thatcher Cook for PopTech [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Thatcher Cook for PopTech [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
18- May2017
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7 Most Popular Rock Bands of All Time!

Music has been a soulful companion of humans since time immemorial. We might have different choices, different tastes but we are all connected to some kind of music or the other. Rock music is one such genre which has attracted billions of people around the world. Many rock bands have come and gone, but there are a few who became immortal in the form of their albums, their music and their charm. Presenting some of the most popular bands of all time:

The Beatles

By EMI. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By EMI. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Well, you don’t have to apply your brain too much to guess the most famous rock band the world has ever seen. This band of talented Englishmen was formed in 1960.

Led Zeppelin

By Happybeatle2 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
By Happybeatle2 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Another bunch of pumped youngsters spread the euphoria of heavy metal during the 70s. Led Zeppelin was formed when 4 very talented people, namely Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham came together. Need quick money? Turn to Quick Cash Loans Online.

The Rolling Stones


The huge stardom of The Beatles was followed by the aura of The Rolling Stones and they ruled the world for around 30 years. The band underwent a lot of internal changes, with one member replacing the other, but it didn’t affect its popularity.

Pink Floyd

By Capitol Records (Billboard, page 25, 30 October 1971) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Capitol Records (Billboard, page 25, 30 October 1971) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
This band added new dimensions to rock music by adding some progressive touch to it. Their lyrics often had a lot of depth and the music was catchy, which made the world fall for this band.


Flickr/ klem@s
Flickr/ klem@s

This Irish band rocked the music arena during the 80s. It was formed in 1976 in Dublin and had some very talented people in it. Their live performances attracted huge audiences flocking to their venues.


By gonzalo de armas (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By gonzalo de armas (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
70s was a period when a lot of rock bands came into existence and made great impact. Queen was among the most successful of the lot. Their hard rock and heavy metal music became immensely popular and they enjoyed huge popularity.

Grateful Dead

By Warner Bros. Records (Billboard, page 9, 5 December 1970) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By Warner Bros. Records (Billboard, page 9, 5 December 1970) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
This Californian rock band was formed in 1965. Its music generally consisted of a fusion of various elements from different music styles. It gradually became a renowned band in the world and won many awards.

25- Feb2017
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Indoor Positioning With Internet of Things (IoT): Limitless Scope

We have come a long we since the time of hand-drawn maps and ignorant explorers. The 21st century is the age of technological reinvention. Organizations all over the world are locked in the race to create bigger and better things. Global Positioning Systems has made the world smaller. And now, indoor navigation aims to make even more digitally detailed.

What is Indoor Navigation System?
While GPS has made tremendous strides in improved connectivity and mapping out the world, penetrating closed structures still remains a challenge. Indoor navigation aims to rectify this. Using a combination of different technologies, like Radio Frequency, Ultrasounds, Bluetooth, etc, companies are now trying to accurately map out the inner surface of homes, hospitals and public buildings. It is estimated that by 2020, indoor positioning will be  a larger market than GPS ever was.

What is IoT?
The “Internet of Things”, also called IoT, refers to a variety of devices capable of connecting to a network and transmitting information. Coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999, the phrase went gained popularity since it could collectively bring a variety of networks like wireless networks, microelectomechanical systems, microservices and the internet under one umbrella. Thus, it effectively transcended the barrier between Operational technology (OT) and Informational Technology (IT).

How they can be coupled
Smart items are the latest trend in an increasingly connected world. Having objects able to send and receive data has a added a different dimension to human interaction with them. Thus, it is a not a huge leap to have normal items perform additional tasks. Indoor navigation makes use of this principle.

Phones and tablets can use geo-positioning to chalk out location and position. Devices can be equipped with infrared sensors to accurately detect location. Thus, we can build an integrated platform that sends data to a collective platform which can build an accurate map that will far surpass the blue dot of a GPS.

Some examples of this concept are:

  • An office can track schedules and itineraries of employees. Thus the system can tally attendance of a number of people with particular rooms for scheduled times verifying meetings and conferences. This can accurately map out meeting rooms in buildings and also point out which rooms are full. The elevator can also be made to act flexibly in terms of number of people based on tracking algorithms. This approach can be termed as “Connected Enterprise”.
  • Evacuations can be helped by smart devices projecting location of trapped people. Intelligent smoke detectors can send data to rescue teams thus telling them how many people still remain. Heat sensors fail in case of fires, thus other technology can utilized to map out the building and by comparing to previous records, firemen can detect collapsed structures and barred exits. The system can also plot out a route to safety.
  • Airports are often confusing places and it is a challenge for people to find correct terminals or spot exits. This can be made even more difficult for the visually impaired. Smart devices and sensors can transmit data to people’s phones in order to help them navigate the place accurately. In face, Apple’s iBeacon has been used to guide travellers in San Francisco airport with success.

Most indoor positioning systems still struggle with accuracy and precision. Charting out accurate locations in small structures often poses a challenge. However, the opportunities with technologies are limitless and tech firms recognize that. Thus it won’t be long before success is achieved.

Real Estate CRM Software
24- Feb2017
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5 Real Estate CRM Tips That Will Increase Your Conversion Ratio

‘It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle money. It is the customer who pays the wages’:  Henry Ford

A customer is the most important part in a business. If your customer base is sound, your business will surely run smooth. How to make a sound customer base? Well, there are no short-cuts to success. You need hard work and dedication to build customer relations and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, the direction of your hard work often determines the amount of success you are going to get. Sometimes, despite being hard working, people don’t succeed just because they are working in the wrong direction.  A Real Estate CRM software might help you in stepping towards the right direction. Dealing with customershas become much easier with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It comes with a variety of features to help you expand your business relations. From plans for investments to meeting up with new clients, all of these things can be tracked and taken care of using this software. If you already have a CRM software and you think you are lagging behind in terms of customer base, you need to rethink your working strategies. Here are 5 tips that would help you increase your conversion ratio:

1. Addition to your sales funnel:

When it comes to managing contacts and other details, the CRM helps you put your best foot forward. You should regularly keep adding contacts to your already existing contact list. Adding new prospects to the top of your sales funnel is crucial for your business success. It will help you a lot if you have a list of people who are your ‘potential clients’. You can add contacts through regular meet-ups with people at various occasions, but without being ‘pushy’.

2. Segmentation of Leads:

Leads come from various sources. It can be either through social media campaigns, mailing, spheres of influence, etc. You must analyze which customer is comfortable in what media. Getting into the comfort zone of the customer is one of the key strategies to business success. Try to reach out to them through their preferred media in their preferred language. A CRM software helps you do this quite comfortably. The cloud-based storage allows you to access the detailed information of your customers from anywhere you want. You can strategize your next move by sorting all your customer database and segmenting your leads.

3. Pointing Out Lead Sources:

The lead sources play a key role in bringing new customers to you. Be it through social media campaigns or word of mouth, you should analyze which lead is getting you more benefit. With a CRM software, you can point out your best lead source act act according to the same. You would then have a clear idea in mind about where to invest more. For example, let’s assume your best lead source is social media and on the other hand, print advertising is not being such effective. Now that you know that social media is your best bid, you can spend more on social media campaigns and tap your investments in print advertising to have more efficiency.

4. Personalization:

A report by AgilOne suggested that 79% of customers expect a personalized buying experience. As a customer, you would also want a company to treat you as a separate customer and not as a generalized one. If you have a CRM software, you can send out automated messages to your customers including their names which would give them a personalized feeling. CRM also uses demographic information which would enable you to reach the right customers at the right time. Customer satisfaction would help you increase your conversion ratio.

5. Enhancement Of Productivity:

Planning paves the way to success. You can enhance the productivity of your firm by implementing a proper plan. A CRM software helps you plan your meetings, strategies, and investments and thus enhances your productivity. With the mobile users in effect, the need for high productivity has become higher than ever.

If you follow the above tips, you would be able to work with your full potential and it will ultimately help in increasing your conversion ratio. Remember, your customers are your biggest assets. Pleasing them today will please you tomorrow.

21- Feb2017
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Future of CRM: How Different Will That Be?

CRM is the abbreviated form of what is commonly known as Customer Relationship Management. Now, it is arguably the most crucial aspect in a business since customers are the soul of any corporate business. Knowing what the customers need and what they absolutely don’t is something that has to be on the fingertips of the people in charge.

Marketing is something that is far from static. It has to constantly evolve as the customers do. Monolithic tricks to manage the relationship with the customers will lead you nowhere. For real estate agents, the most important aspect is to keep abreast with the latest techniques that would keep the customers returning to the agents for helping them look for the house that they would call their ‘home’.

What Kind Of Changes In CRM Are We Looking At?

Gone are the days when CRM was tethered to the desktops and the software in them. Times are changing and so is CRM. Here’s a look at the alternatives:

1. Mobile: Mobiles have probably been one of the biggest revolutions of all times. And it has all the important qualities that are needed by the CRM industry to work with the customers efficiently: It is handy and portable making the customers accessible at all hours; it makes the exchange of information between the customer and the seeker of the information much flexible. For example, through apps with a good user interface, the real estate agents can get a lot of information about the properties their customers are interested in: the type, size, location et cetera. Likes and dislikes of each customer can be analysed separately and can be preserved for later use as well. Using mobiles for customer management is an option that has a lot of potential and is very practical because we are living in times when mobile is one of the products that has the largest consumer base. So through mobile phones we can reach a large target audience which we want..

2. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is another revolution that eased and untwisted paths leading to a wide range of purposes. In CRM, cloud computing can be used to store customer-related information in a categorical manner that makes the stored data search-friendly. It also makes the data easily available for looking up later when required. Thus, it preserves the data as a solid resource and can prove to be the best CRM for real estate. Actually, this is an augmentation to the usage of mobile phones for CRM. The information gathered through apps can be saved in the cloud storage. This reduces the chances of getting that information lost and makes it way more accessible than containing the same information in large bulky files and folders made out of paper, since cloud storage account can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. And hey, it saves paper too!

3. Social Media: Now, this goes without saying that in the current times, social media is a platform that boasts of the kind of reach to the masses like no other form of media could. And rightly so! Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. You name it, and you would find an unbelievable string of numbers representing the number of followers of these social media platforms. What could be more important for building a customer relationship than such kind of reach to the common masses which happen to be the potential customers too?

Customer Relationship Management can be testing at times. It is not a cakewalk. It requires a constant interaction with the customers and their changing needs with the changing times.

18- Feb2017
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4 Tips to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Apartment

Sometime or the other, practically everyone gets bolted out of the house without a key to use and a place to go to. You may imagine that getting bolted out of the house won’t happen to you, however, just you just need to wait and watch. Because sooner or later, it is inevitable. In case, that you don’t take precautionary steps against getting locked out of your own place, it would surely happen at a time when you are not on your guard and careless. Locksmiths may be the obvious solutions and people at Locksmith Toronto tech are actually pretty crafty and professional at the same time about things of that sort. But still, it won’t do any harm to learn a few tips.

Well, here are a few pointers to avoid just that:

1. CAREFUL SCRUTINY AND REGULAR WALLET CHECKS: Whether you keep your necessary items in your purse or your pockets, you can get in the habit of checking to see that you have everything before you leave. If you can do something every day for 30 days, you can turn it into a routine that will stick. Stop before you leave the house to see if you have the items you always need with you. You must check for your wallet, keys, iPod, and try not to leave your phone at home when you can afford to. Make sure to look into the key cranny of your wallet every time. You may think that cash is the most important thing in there, but losing your key or getting locked out can force you to think again.

2. HAVE A GOOD STASH SPOT: Have a good spot to stash your spare set and never ever reveal its location to strangers. Even better, you can provide a duplicate key to your neighbor to make things easier for all parties involved. You can use plant pots, doormats, fake stones in your driveway to make some space for a tiny key. Hide it there and make sure you remember its location for use in times of distress. But you should always be careful as this can become an invite for burglars too. Violating a window frame is quicker and more opportune for criminals. Still, that doesn’t translate to the fact that you should leave a key in an exposed spot where an intruder is likely to find it.

3. USE A COMBINATION LOCK: Combination locks are safe as they allow you to store the key in your mind and this way, it is safe and always with you. It may seem like a time-consuming way, but if it works for you, you must abide by it. You can try this with doors, windows as well as garage locks too. Short of making a car key, this can be the solution to all your problems.

4. MAGNETIC KEY HOLDERS: You can use these simple devices and stick the under the hood of your car or facein beside the garage door like any harmless lump of metal and hide a key inside. It won’t be exposed and no one would be any wiser about it. At the right time, you can easily access these magnetic key holders and get your door open without any unnecessary trouble or waste of time.

If all else fails, you can always get a trusted locksmith from Locksmith Toronto tech to come and solve such problems. Yes, you could break the glass on your yard entryway, or drag a stepping stool from the shed to move into a moment story room. Be that as it may, there are better alternatives!

roofing Toronto
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Top 10 Benefits of Having A New Roof Installed

The quintessential need for shelter has been of a cardinal importance to mankind ever since our evolution from apes to Homo sapiens. This necessity has led us onto many quests and has opened our eyes myriad ways of finding shelter. The early men took shelter in whatever crude dwelling or cave they could find but as time progressed, we pursued towards building our own shelters for us calling them houses.

Today, standing on the threshold of the 21st century, having witnessed a huge boom in the field of architecture and design, the ideas of house designing has had a radical improvement. Houses today are more scientifically constructed, built to withstand more than most of Mother Nature’s wrath.

Even the simplest of houses comprises four walls and a roof to protect the people inside from rain, storm and hail. We often tend to overlook the most important part of our house which needs regular maintenance that is, the roof. The stability of the roof has a detrimental impact on the stability of the entire house per se. Since the roof strengthens the entire structure, it is quintessential that the roof is restored or even changed for that matter to ensure the safety of the occupants.

The scary fact is that the roof of your house could be getting damaged at a micro level! The damage caused by moss and algae makes up a cardinal portion of roof damage called micro-damage. These microorganisms eat up the roof structure from the inside making it extremely weak and prone to collapsing.

If this has raised the hair on your spine forcing you on the frantic search of how to be aware of the symptoms of a weakened roof, well, your search is now over.

What To Look Out For?

  • Keep a look out for missing roof tiles or chunks of concrete, curling shingles or other signs of wear and tear. These often lead to a weakening of the roof as the damage starts expanding and ultimately corrodes the entire roof.
  • Check for the growth of moss, algae or fungus. These micro organisms are the cardinal cause behind immense damage to the integrity of the roof and thus a periodic check up is detrimental.
  • Rusting of metals is another significant cause behind the deterioration of roof quality. Prevention of stagnation of water is the best way to keep it in check.
  • Excess debris on the roof can often also significant roof damage.

The point of argument now becomes that whether to restore the damaged parts or to go for a full-scale roof installment? Well, the answer lies in the form of a question which is whether you want a temporary but cheap fix to this humongous problem or a permanent but a slightly costly way of fixing this issue.

While addressing a problem this big, I believe it not only necessary but also essential that we invest in a permanent solution considering the fact that the lives of our loved ones are at stake in this predicament of the roof collapsing. I personally believe that the project of installing new roofs should not necessarily be an individual effort but rather a government effort for those who cannot afford to do so. The major intricacies related to roof installment are best explained at roofing Toronto.

Benefits of Installing A New Roof

  • Value of Property: Installing a new roof has a drastic impact on reselling your house as a new roof makes the house an easy sell.
  • Resale Value: A new roof increases the resale value of even an old house by 30%.
  • Exterior Appeal: As per experienced realtors, about 40% of the exterior appeal of a house is directly linked to the appeal of the roof.
  • Energy Saving: In case of a leaking roof, your HVAC system has to work twice as hard to keep the room at a desired temperature which in turn exhausts a lot of energy.
  • Cost Cutting: The fact that a new roof allows your HVAC system to work efficiently in turns reduces the energy spent and hence the digits in your electricity bill also reduces.
  • Health Benefits: A new roof also prevents the growth of micro organisms like moss and algae and thus keep the diseases incurred due to them at bay.
  • Safety : Prolonging the replacement of a dilapidated roof can often lead to collapsing and safety hazards to the occupants of the house.
  • Technological Advancement: With the advancement of technology, new roof come equipped with state of the art technology like solar panels and even anti frosting technology.
  • Looks: Your new roof can now even come with a skylight installed letting you enjoy the view of the starry sky at night.
  • Peace Of Mind: New roofs are extremely durable and even come with a warranty and thus you can rest assured that it is going to keep you safe within the four walls of your house.

Therefore we see how having a new roof installed is extremely beneficial and even better than restoration. It benefits weigh over the cost incurred in the process and therefore it is recommended to anyone suffering from the problems of a deteriorating roof condition so as to prevent even greater problems in the future. Roofers Toronto are always ready to surprise you with their innovative ideas regarding roofing as soon as you choose to call them. Call today!

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Three Must-Have Features to Look for in Commercial Security Systems

Your investment in commercial security systems is one of the best steps you can take to deter crime on your property, and some commercial alarm systems can also be used to aid in the identification and prosecution of criminals. While you may be eager to take advantage of these and other benefits associated with the installation of a new security system for your venue, deciding which type of security alarms to invest in for optimal business security can be challenging. Your budget and the physical features of the property that you need to secure are prime areas of consideration when selecting commercial security systems, but the features in an alarm system are also important to consider. As you shop around for commercial alarm systems, look for these must-have features.

Wireless Capabilities
Many older business security systems are hard-wired in the property, and this means that there are long electrical wires that run to video cameras and other security features on the premises. Hard wired systems can easily be thwarted by simply cutting the power line. In addition, they make it easier for criminals to find the surveillance features on the property, and they can even limit your placement of these features based on the reach of the wires. The best commercial alarm systems have wireless capabilities that eliminate these potential downsides.

Night Vision Video Surveillance
Unless you have a 24-hour business and your lights are turned on around the clock, you need to have night vision with your video surveillance system. Night vision removes the benefit of shadows and darkened areas that criminals seek, and they allow you to view criminal activity in bright-as-day conditions.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities
Some security alarms require you to be on the premise in order to monitor your alarm. Many systems today have monitoring service that will contact you if there is a break-in or other activity on the property, but the most advanced systems allow you to monitor the alarm remotely as well. For example, you may be able to view the video camera feed from your smart phone or home computer when you are away from the office.

Technological capabilities for commercial security systems have improved significantly over the years. You may be using an outdated system, and you may be interested in making an upgrade in the near future. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking for a security system for a new business. For all of your security needs, these top features are must-haves for most venues. Take time to explore the benefits of these and other features to ensure that you buy the best system for your business security.

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Why CRM Was Forecasted To Be A 36 Billion Dollar Market By 2017?

One of the most effective tools you can use in aiding your business is Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It can help you cultivate and improve customer relationships. Firms which have already adopted CRM unceasingly spout its glory, while others quickly jump onto the bandwagon. Real Estate CRM Software is a fine example of Customer Relationship Management in the Real Estate Market.

A couple of years ago, aprediction was made by Gartner which stated that by 2017, CRM software sales would amount to a whopping $36.5 billion worldwide. The analyst firm releases CRM market reviews, critics and predictions every year. The 2017 prediction was one of its biggest, showing an increase of 5.4% in revenue forecasts. Earlier analysis postulated only 9.7% in growth rate. To a casual user, this may seem like a big leap of faith. However, there are several reasons for this astronomical jump in numbers.

  • CRM is one of the fastest growing markets. It provides extensive help in data collection, data management and tracking algorithms. 61% of sales distributors use a CRM. Key access to customer information and data is vital to a business’ success.
  • Surveys show that senior managing officers who have tried CRM do not hesitate to recommend it further. 75% of sales managers say that using CRM helps drive sales force and generate revenue.
  • On average, for every $1 spent on it, CRM returns $5.60. That is a rate of return greater than 50%! Such statistics encapsulate just how beneficial CRM is for any company
  • CRM software can create, establish and sustain leads, in both consumer and vendor markets. However, 75% companies have no process of nurturing leads. CRM use is a must for these companies.
  • Reports show sales teams overall organizations showed at least a 15 % increase in productivity due to use of CRM by their organizations.
  • CRM shows inspiring sales growth for firms. On average, when a company engages a customer using CRM, the customer is likely to spend 20% – 40% more. This is why more and more businesses are opting for CRM.
  • Use of CRM creates a positive feeling in customers. Feedback suggests that customers who have had a positive experience are more likely to recommend a company to family and friends
  • Use of CRM increased revenue per sales represented by an average of 41%. CRM also saw a 10 % increase in cash-flow in mobile apps and 24% increase in sales productivity.
  • Marketing costs have been slashed by over 23% due to increased use of CRM. The software data management and data driven predictive engines allows targeted marketing aimed at specific customers.

What does this mean?
Use of CRM has been steadily increasing over the years. The vast advantage provided by the software has led to bigger and better sales opportunities that businesses all over are utilizing. World market trends show Asia/Pacific markets showing the fastest growth rate, with growth of 21.9% in 2015. China followed at a close second with rates of 18.4%. Middle East and North Africa and mature Asia/Pacific were also not far behind with all three achieving double figures in growth.

By 2015, the market had already reached $26.3 billion.

With more and more companies discovering the benefits and capabilities of CRM, it is not a far stretch for Gartner to make its lofty prediction. Companies all over the globe are making the switch to CRM, and anyone not doing so will only be left behind in the dust of its rivals’ success.

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3 Tips for Wearing More Supportive Shoes

The footwear that you wear can make a big difference in your comfort each day, especially if you do a lot of walking or just spend a lot of time on your feet. Additionally, the right shoes can also help prevent problems with your feet and legs. If you’ve had problems in the past or just want to do what you can to avoid them, picking out the right pair of shoes can help. Luckily, whether you prefer Birkenstocks or any other type of shoe, you have options. These are a few tips for wearing more supportive and more comfortable shoes.

1. Make Sure They Fit Properly

First of all, you want to make sure that your shoes fit properly. Shoes that are too big won’t provide the support that you need for your feet and ankles. Shoes that are too small can cause blisters on your feet and ankles. Consider being professionally fitted so that you can find out exactly what size you need. Trying on a few pairs of shoes in different sizes can help you determine which size is best.

2. Choose a Pair That’s Designed for Comfort

Some shoes are made for fashion. Even though they might look great, they might not be the best for your feet and legs. Some shoes, however, are designed for comfort. There are lines of orthopedic sandals and other shoes that are designed for orthotics, and these shoes can be more comfortable and better for your feet. When shopping for your next pair of shoes, consider looking for shoes that are designed specifically for orthopedics. Even if you have never had orthopedic problems, you might still find that they are incredibly comfortable.

3. Consider Adding a Gel Insole

Even with the right pair of shoes, you can make them more comfortable by adding gel insoles. There are various insoles on the market that are designed for different arches and needs, so consider trying some out. Your doctor can even help provide you with some guidance about the right type of gel insole to wear for your own specific feet and issues.

As you can see, there are a few ways that you can ensure that your shoes are more supportive and more comfortable. If you follow these tips, you might find that you are able to eliminate your foot and leg-related problems and can enjoy a more comfortable experience as well. Visit Foot Sensation to learn more information.