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24- Feb2017
Posted By: Terrance

5 Real Estate CRM Tips That Will Increase Your Conversion Ratio

‘It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle money. It is the customer who pays the wages’:  Henry Ford

A customer is the most important part in a business. If your customer base is sound, your business will surely run smooth. How to make a sound customer base? Well, there are no short-cuts to success. You need hard work and dedication to build customer relations and it doesn’t happen overnight. However, the direction of your hard work often determines the amount of success you are going to get. Sometimes, despite being hard working, people don’t succeed just because they are working in the wrong direction.  A Real Estate CRM software might help you in stepping towards the right direction. Dealing with customershas become much easier with the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. It comes with a variety of features to help you expand your business relations. From plans for investments to meeting up with new clients, all of these things can be tracked and taken care of using this software. If you already have a CRM software and you think you are lagging behind in terms of customer base, you need to rethink your working strategies. Here are 5 tips that would help you increase your conversion ratio:

1. Addition to your sales funnel:

When it comes to managing contacts and other details, the CRM helps you put your best foot forward. You should regularly keep adding contacts to your already existing contact list. Adding new prospects to the top of your sales funnel is crucial for your business success. It will help you a lot if you have a list of people who are your ‘potential clients’. You can add contacts through regular meet-ups with people at various occasions, but without being ‘pushy’.

2. Segmentation of Leads:

Leads come from various sources. It can be either through social media campaigns, mailing, spheres of influence, etc. You must analyze which customer is comfortable in what media. Getting into the comfort zone of the customer is one of the key strategies to business success. Try to reach out to them through their preferred media in their preferred language. A CRM software helps you do this quite comfortably. The cloud-based storage allows you to access the detailed information of your customers from anywhere you want. You can strategize your next move by sorting all your customer database and segmenting your leads.

3. Pointing Out Lead Sources:

The lead sources play a key role in bringing new customers to you. Be it through social media campaigns or word of mouth, you should analyze which lead is getting you more benefit. With a CRM software, you can point out your best lead source act act according to the same. You would then have a clear idea in mind about where to invest more. For example, let’s assume your best lead source is social media and on the other hand, print advertising is not being such effective. Now that you know that social media is your best bid, you can spend more on social media campaigns and tap your investments in print advertising to have more efficiency.

4. Personalization:

A report by AgilOne suggested that 79% of customers expect a personalized buying experience. As a customer, you would also want a company to treat you as a separate customer and not as a generalized one. If you have a CRM software, you can send out automated messages to your customers including their names which would give them a personalized feeling. CRM also uses demographic information which would enable you to reach the right customers at the right time. Customer satisfaction would help you increase your conversion ratio.

5. Enhancement Of Productivity:

Planning paves the way to success. You can enhance the productivity of your firm by implementing a proper plan. A CRM software helps you plan your meetings, strategies, and investments and thus enhances your productivity. With the mobile users in effect, the need for high productivity has become higher than ever.

If you follow the above tips, you would be able to work with your full potential and it will ultimately help in increasing your conversion ratio. Remember, your customers are your biggest assets. Pleasing them today will please you tomorrow.


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