12- Nov2018
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5 Signs You Should Replace Residential Windows

Your house will not talk to you when something is wrong. Nevertheless, it gives you signs when it requires attention. Although your windows might last for two decades, you need to maintain them as well as consider other aspects, such as technological advancements. Thus, if your residential windows are more than decades old, you ought to listen to what they are telling you so that you know when to perform window manufactures Toronto.

1. You still have a single pane window

If you constructed your house several years ago, the chances are that your window has a single pane. Most frames these days are made from double or triple pane glasses. Single pane frames are occasionally unsafe, sub-standard, and draughty. The worst bit about a single pane is that it doesn’t prevent UV rays from entering through the frames and the panes also fade colors over time. Therefore, it is time you considered replacing the single panes with double or triple panes or tinted glass to block UV rays.

2. They are broke, damaged, or warped

Sometimes it is possible to repair your residential window without replacing it. For instance, if the issue is not severe, such as it requires new hardware or weather stripping then it is better to repair rather than replace the window. However, a broken, warped or damaged window needs replacement. Even if your window is broken and still operation, it is wise to replace it to avert possible problems in the future. You can easily tell a warped or damaged window by paying attention to how it closes and opens, if it fogs up, or if it gets drafty.

3. You want to reduce energy bills

Your panes provide heat during the winter months by allowing sunlight in your home. However, a drafty window will increase your energy bills by more than 25 percent. Therefore, it is time you thought about replacing your panes with energy-efficient ones to reduce cooling and heating bills. Also, an energy-efficient window will be a selling point if you have plans of selling your home in the future. However, make sure you get a window that meets your needs regarding energy savings.

4. Decaying frames and a leaky window

One of the clearest indications that you need to replace your residential window is a decaying frame. Wooden frames are prone to damage from moisture. It is time you replaced your window if it shows decay signs. Also, if your window is leaking to the extent of leaving a pool of water on the floor, you need to act quickly by replacing it.

5. You survived a storm

Similarly, homeowners ought to replace their windows after surviving a hurricane. If your home has survived the storm, you can be sure its panes will be weak. Thus, you need to replace them with new panes for your safety.


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