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Mayor - Terrance Lumpkins

Mayor - Terrance Lumpkins
847-546-1206 /

My name is Terry Lumpkins and I have been a resident of Round Lake Heights for over 30 years. I have been the mayor since 1993. My wife Wanda and I have been married for 27 years and have 2 children, my son Jasen is 26 and my daughter Michelle is 12. I have worked in Round Lake Heights since I was 19 years old, helping my family operate a local restaurant. In the early 90ís I broke away from the family business to eventually become the General Manager of a car dealership.

I am the President of Dollars for Scholars, which was started in 2000. Round Lake Heights was the first town in Lake County to join this program. To date we have raised more than $53,000 and given away 70 scholarships to our residents to further their education. I was a member of JAWA (Joint Action Water Agency) for 10 years. I am currently the Secretary for Cen-Com, which is the police and fire dispatch center for the Round Lake Area. I am the secretary for J.A.S.A. a newly formed sanitary district for the Round Lake Area. I have served on many other local boards, including one of the directors of Rondaradio. I involve myself in the community whenever possible.

Since taking office in 1993, we have seen many changes in our village. One of my biggest accomplishments was the establishing of our right to buy and sell water to our area residents. This would not have taken place without the addition of two new subdivisions, Fox Glen and Chesapeake Trails. Because of the two new subdivisions our population has doubled. We also built a new Village Hall in 2001, replacing the one from the early 60ís. Another accomplishment that I am very proud of is the joint effort with the Round Lake Area Park District to increase the number of recreational parks from 1in 1993 to 5 in 2007. Another tough task was balancing the budget, which we did on a yearly basis, and the end result is a very healthy and prospering village.

I am very proud to reside in the community that I serve. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at (847)546-1206 Office, or (847)546-7814 Home.

Clerk - Marla McIntyre Village Clerk - Marla McIntyre -
847-546-1206 -

I have been a resident of the Round Lake Area since 1991 and my husband and I have lived in Round Lake Heights since 2005. I have two sons, Michael and Logan. I worked part time at the Village Hall for 5 years and have been the Clerk since 2009. I enjoy serving on the Board and volunteering in my community.

Trustee - Jack Germann Trustee - Jack Germann - 847-546-4825

I moved to Indian Hill in 1957 before the village changed its name to Round Lake Heights with my Irish born wife and two children. I now have three grandkids and three great grandkids. As a current Village Trustee, Iím in charge of the ordinance committee, which enforces the law. Iím honored to serve the people.

Trustee - Marva Meeks Senior Trustee - Marva Meeks - 224-772-9440

Director to C.L.C.J.A.W.A. for Round Lake Consortium, Alternate to JETTS Board, Alternate to S.A.W.A. and Vice President for Dollars for Scholars.

I have resided with my family in Round Lake Heights for 38 years. I became involved in our local government 17 years ago because I believed I could help make a difference. My life and our village has seen many changes during my 4 Ĺ terms in office. Personally, the marriage of my children and the birth of my seven grandchildren. Governmentally, a village that went from operating in the red with minimal police coverage to a village that operates in the black and full time police coverage. The department has 5 full time officers. With new development, new parks, and the addition of the middle school. Round Lake Heights has grown two fold.

When I was elected to my first term the party slogan was ďParty for the PeopleĒ. I believe I have upheld that motto and will continue to do so, both as Trustee as well as in my personal life.

Trustee - Andrew Walker Trustee - Andrew Walker

I have been married to my wife, Holly for 9 years. I have three children, Madeline, Drew and Lucas. I have lived in the Round Lake Area my entire life. As a new member of the board I look forward to working with Mayor Lumpkins and the other board members to ensure that Round Lake Heights remains a strong family minded community.

Trustee - Jeff Katzel Trustee - Jeff Katzel - 847-740-1236

I have been married to Wendy for 16 years and have 3 children: Ashley, Tyler and Megan, Iíve been a resident of Round Lake Heights for 7 years and the Round Lake area for 33 years. I served on the Zoning Board for 1 year, appointed to trustee in 1999 and elected in 2001. I also currently sit on the Dollars for Scholars Board for the Round Lake Heights.

Trustee - Dominick Mahoney Trustee - Dominick Mahoney - 847-740-7949

Human Relations
Hi - My wife Susan and I have lived in the Round Lake Area with our children Zach and Melissa since 1992, and moved to the "Heights" in 2002. Since first moving into the area our family has enjoyed and remain dedicated members of St. Joseph Church in Round Lake. Susan served as our Village Clerk for 5 years and I served on our Zoning Board before becoming a Trustee. I currently preside on the Board of Directors for our community radio station WRLR 98.3 fm. I have had the privilege to work side by side with my Mom and Pop for over 25 years in our family business Ultra Printing. Having an awesome experience in my younger days as a paid on call firefighter for Countryside Fire Protection District instilled the passion to help others. Our Village posses the same issues and challenges other larger surrounding towns face. I feel fortunate to live in our tight knit Village, we maybe small but our future is big. It is truly an honor to serve all our residents and businesses. Thank You for the opportunity.

Trustee - Anthony Pekar Trustee - Anthony Pekar
2298 Lotus Drive,
Round Lake Heights, IL 60073,

Maribel Carrillo
Treasurer - Maribel Carrillo
Bud Kowalski
Public Works
Bud Kowalski

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  • Police Records - Cindy Thommes -
  • Police Chief - John Roehlk -
  • Police - Emergency 911 / Non-Emergency - 847-270-9111 & 847-546-9704

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