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Can You Negotiate Fees With Your Courier Service?

Can You Negotiate Fees With Your Courier Service?

Courier services are becoming increasingly popular as a shipping method for local delivery needs, and this is particularly true for small business shipping needs. When you need to deliver a package to an address in the local area, you may expect fast, reliable service from a trusted courier. However, some courier fees can be seemingly high for the number of hours worked. After all, delivering a single package to an address across town may not take more than an hour or two at most, and you understandably do not want to pay a fortune for the service provided. You may be wondering if you can negotiate fees with your courier for your small business shipping needs.

The Courier’s Overhead
Negotiating courier rates may be an option in some cases, but before you take this drastic step, consider the courier’s overhead. Many couriers are one-man shops, and others may only have a few employees with operations based out of the owner’s house. However, there are still costs for office space, office supplies, website design and maintenance, vehicle expenses, health and car insurance and more. This individual or small business may have significant overhead, and your package may be just one of a handful that are delivered each day. You pay for prompt pick-up and rapid delivery of the package, and to accomplish this goal, your courier cannot be swamped with business from other clients when you call for assistance. Therefore, in a sense, you pay for some of the courier’s downtime between customers as well.

When Fees Seem Too High
When you take into account the courier’s overhead, you may see how courier rates are calculated. However, in comparison to using the services of a larger shipping company, you may still think that the courier’s fees are too high for the service provided. Some couriers are open to negotiating rates, but others are not. You can offer to pay a certain price for the delivery of a package, and you may give specific reasons for offering a discounted rate. For example, it may be a bank holiday with minimal traffic on the roads, or the address may not be located too far from you. If your courier is not open to negotiations, you may need to find another delivery option to use.

In many cases, courier fees are highly competitive with other couriers in the local area, and many strive to be a more cost-effective choice than using the services of major shipping companies. However, there are times when the fees are too high to be cost-effective for your small business. Negotiating is one option, and you may also seek assistance from another delivery company if negotiations fail. For more information, you will be able to gain a better understanding from the Flagship Courier Solutions website.


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