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28- Mar2019
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4 Tips to Make the Most of Currency Exchange

It is a well-worn truth by this point that the world is more interconnected than ever before. That much you probably know. Likewise, you probably have some vague idea as to the importance of the exchange market for currencies.

That being said, unless you actually work in that market or are a regular jet setter flying around the world all the time on your way to business meetings, chances are that you haven’t had to deal with exchange rates all that much – and thus might know what to do. Thankfully, the best experts in currency exchange in Canada have you covered. Here are a few essential services they can offer you.

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03- Mar2019
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With These 5 Tips, You Can Never Go Wrong in Hiring The Best Wedding Photographer!

The internet is flooded with wedding photographers’ advertisements and all of them claim to be the best. Now the million dollar question: how do we get to know which of them is the best? One of the most obvious solutions will be, again the internet.

No, we’re not a hypocrite. We never said that the problem was the internet. It’s the photographers who are spamming the platforms and hacking their way above the deserving ones.

We will help you in discovering the best Toronto Wedding Photographer. These 5 super effective tips have proven to be useful by many before. Let them find you the way:

1. Decide The Wedding Theme First

Decide The Wedding Theme First

In order to get the best wedding photographer, one needs to settle on the theme and style of the wedding. Take inspirations from the internet. Reddit is a great help when you need specialized wedding themes with photos and quotes too.

By finalizing the style and theme of the wedding, you can now go and look for the best photographer in that category. Let me remind you, all those so-called ‘professional photographers’ claimed in wide ads are not that professional when it comes to a specific theme.

Also, you don’t need to narrow it down to one specific theme. You can choose a bunch of them at the start. With this step in place, you will have certain options to play with.

2. Settle Down on a Reasonable Budget

Settle Down on a Reasonable Budget

The second step is finalizing on an approximate budget of the entire photoshoot. The prices can go anywhere between $2000 to $10000. The more you want to spend, the better photographs you’ll get – that’s a given.

There will be packages, rates based on the hours spent, better quality deals and many more options to go for in this scope of work.

Once you have finalized the approximate budget, you can start the search even more effectively.

3. Give Preference to Highly Rated and Reviewed Photographer

Give Preference to Highly Rated and Reviewed Photographer

Ratings on reputed websites are earned and can not be purchased. You just need to figure out which are those sites which you can trust. It can be a community run website which verifies the listings and ratings before publishing them. It can very well be a blog from a neutral website.

Reviews and testimonials are the kinds of things which need proper investigation before believing in them. More often than not, the reviews are fake, posted mainly for marketing gimmicks, and are too real to believe. If you come across some of such reviews, make such not to hire that particular photographer. Always invest in honest work. It will motivate the talented photographers who lack resources to put themselves on the front page.

4. Take Advantage of Social Media

Take Advantage of Social Media

You should not leave even a chance of getting profit by someone else’s experiences. It helps if you have a big circle of friends. Just a WhatsApp group query can result in a couple of verified and validated experiences. You can even join certain wedding and marriage related groups in facebook and people over there can help you get in touch with a better wedding photographer.

You can even make a tweet asking about the best wedding photographer in your area. Use hashtags like #weddingquestions, #weddingqueries, and such similar vocab to make your tweet more visible.

5. Final Interview Tips


Make a list of at least 5 different photographers chosen so far based on their recommendations, reviews, ratings, or any other factor. Set up personal interviews and ask them to come up with the best samples they have for you. Tell them what you already have in mind. Ask them how they can enhance your vision of the wedding photographs. Also, stick to the budget you had in mind. They can try and shove expensive setups to you but beware of that and stick to the original plan.

These 5 tips will definitely help you in finding the best possible wedding photographer for you.

23- Oct2018
Posted By: Terrance

4 DIY Furnace Installation Mistakes No One Warns You About

With Christmas and winter just around the corner, having a reliable furnace is one of the primary requirements every homeowner should consider. Thanks to the internet and YouTube, these days everyone thinks that they can be DIY experts when it comes to handling household furnace repair and installations.

However, what many of us forget is that experts give these DIY videos and instructions, but those who follow them are amateurs and lack the professional experience. These scenarios leave room for plenty of mistakes. When it comes to DIY furnace installation, there are some crucial mistakes that you should avoid at all cost. These mistakes are:

1. The Correct Furnace Size

Many homeowners lack the professional knowledge and experience to determine the correct furnace size for their homes. Many have the assumption that having a bigger furnace is much better compared to a medium-sized or smaller furnace. Having the right furnace size will guarantee you a furnace system that is more efficient and functional. A bigger furnace when installed will have to work twice as hard while a smaller furnace will not be able to keep your house warm during the cold season. The best way to save yourself from this mistake is to consult with furnace experts on the best size of furnace to purchase for your home.

2. Lack of Proper Knowledge When It Comes to Gas Installation and Electrical Installation

Most people ran to DIY projects since they want to save a few bucks. However, you end up spending more money on repairs after your DIY project doesn’t become successful not to mention the fact that you put yourself in danger. When it comes to furnace installation, it’s crucial for the person doing the installation to have expertise in both gas and electric furnace installation.

The wrong electrical installation will lead to your furnace using high voltage and hence very high electricity bills, while the gas installation when installed incorrectly could poison your home or even burn your whole house down. If you do not know the two types of furnace installations its best that you look for a furnace installation professional, do the work.

3. Poor Air Distribution

When it comes to air distribution during furnace installation, only an expert can be able to perform a high-quality job on this. Air distribution involves a lot of theory that the DIY video you find online will not be able to tell you about. To make matters some of these DIY videos about furnace installation will opt to use a shortcut of using the old air ducts when installing a new furnace.

When planning to have your furnace replaced, you should also consider getting new air ducts. This will make sure that you get air ducts that perfectly fit and complement your new furnace, hence a more effective air distribution.

4. The Air Duct Connections

After getting the best air ducts for your furnace, you need to make sure that the air duct connections are perfect. Wrong air duct connections can cause the gas to leak hence poisoning people in your home or lead to high voltage use. Poor air duct connections will mean that your home will not be properly heated during winter. Most of the heat from the furnace will be lost in arrears with poor air duct connections.

Hiring reliable furnace installation companies will guarantee you a successful furnace installation process. Furnace experts will also give you professional advice on how to take care of your furnace and tips on how to improve the effectiveness of your furnace.

22- Aug2018
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The Top 6 International Industrial Water Purification Systems

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The industrial water purification systems industry is proving ever more that it will soon be a dominant marketing niche in the near future. This is because many nations are no longer being third world nations (which is a fantastic achievement and one that is wholly desired).

Many nations that were once considered poor are now becoming a significant force in the marketing world. And as such the need for water purification systems are a necessity. Clean and drinkable water is not as abundant as many would think. In fact, there is estimated to be a water crisis in the near future due to how much water has been contaminated along with how much water pollution goes on as well.

So, in this article, we have taken the liberty to outline the top 6 international industrial water purification systems.

The Top 6 International Industrial Water Purification Systems

# 1 – The Home Master Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System

The Home Master Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis System is a top of the line water filtration system. It can help to eliminate almost all of the contaminate in the water at around 98%.

It comes with a five-year limited warranty for all the ports to the system.

It has two steps that add minerals back into the water. It produces better tasting water and the stare flow rate is twice as fast as the ROs.

# 2 – The APEX Premium 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter


The APEX Premium 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Filter has a long history and years of experience under their design. This particular design has an in-house certified water specialist.

They provide technical support for the entirety of the water purification system. This system removes put to 99 percent of contaminant. It can treat both tap and fresh water.

# 3 – The APEC High-Flow 90 GDP Reverse Osmosis System

The APEC High-Flow 90 GDP Reverse Osmosis System can output 90 gallons of fresh water every day. It creates pure water production. Has a longer lasting filters and overall is one of the best water purifications to come across.

# 4 – The APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter (Portable & Installation Free)

The APEC Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter requires o installation and can attach to your faucet in a manner of minutes.

This particular water purification system is small in size, a preferred water purification system for apartments, students, dormitories and travelers (backpackers).

# 5 – The iSpring (75GDP) Legendary 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System

The iSpring (75GDP) Legendary 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis System is one of the most used water purification systems in all Europe. This particular brand continually upgrades its system to make sure that their customers are getting the absolute best regarding water.

# 6 – The ISpring 75 GPD legendary 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System

The ISpring 75 GPD legendary 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is one of the more expensive water purification systems on this list but out makes up for the higher demand in the additional features it offers.

These features being:

  • Additional alkaline filter
  • Recent upgrades
  • Saves minerals that are beneficial for you during the whole water process


01- Aug2018
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6 Haunting Tales Of Movers Closes Encounters That Will Leave You Scared

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You would think that driving wouldn’t be safe. Well, as long as people use their common sense and because most people don’t, driving can be terrifying. However, many scary tells happen and not because of other drivers but freak accidents that arise out of nowhere. These tales are not fake, and many of these accidents and incidents occur on an everyday basis in some countries.

For movers and any moving company that has to travel to far and obscure places they see and encounter things that leave them scared, and we are certain that some of these stories will leave you a bit scared as well. If you are part of a movers Edmonton service, then fret not but be wary on your travels.

6 Haunting Tales Of Movers Closes Encounters That Will Leave You Scared

# 1 – No Barriers At High Elevation

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In certain parts of the world, many deaths are a cause of drivers careening over the edge of a road which has no barrier. Specific countries paths that lead to high elevation yet have no barriers to keep drivers from going over the edge. Because of this many deaths are piled up as a result.

# 2 – Projectile Shooting Through Window

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There is a very famous clip on youtube where a bus driver is driving along when all of a sudden a projectile enters the window and drives right into his chest. He can stip the bus without getting other people injured or harmed. Unfortunately, he passed away from a projectile that seemed to have come out of nowhere.

# 3 – Mudslides

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Mudslides are not uncommon, and they can happen anywhere on the planet. Much like sinkholes can occur out of nowhere. However, mudslides are especially dangerous as they have the potential to cause so much more devastation to the land and the drivers on the road.

# 4 – Crazed People Out On Road

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There is a craze that is going on in certain parts of America as well as Canada with people wearing clown suits and frightening people. Perhaps one of the most chilling experience that some people have encountered is seeing a person on the road late at night walking in a clown suit or just lying down in the road.

What these people are doing is unknown; maybe just trying to scare people – and if this is their purpose then kudos because they are frightening many people with their antics.

# 5 – Getting Struck By Lightning

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There is nothing quite frightening than to get struck with lightning and when lightning strikes a car, it can indeed be a scary experience.

# 6 – Ghost Car Collision

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In one of the strangest car accidents of all time, a driver has a video camera and is turning left. When all of a sudden a car that is to the right of him gets in a collision with a car that had no signs it was even there. How this happened baffles many people to this day.


11- Jul2018
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Demystifying Registered Education Savings Plans or RESPs

Are you interested in RESPs or registered education savings plans? Are you a resident of Canada and have a child below the age of seventeen?

If you answered yes any of the two previous questions, you’ve reached the right page. The Heritage Education Funds is one of the best ways to assure your child’s future education and the best time to get started on saving for your child’s college fund is right now.

The Canadian government sponsors part of the contributions to RESPs and the payments made by the government are computed based on the economic status of the child’s family.

Obviously, those who are earning lower than ideal will be receiving more assistance from the government, but still, only to a certain extent. The maximum contribution of the Canadian government to individual savings plans for education is $7,200 as of this article’s writing.

Understand EAPs

EAPs or educational assistance payments are basically withdrawals arising from fulfilling your role as the subscriber of the savings plan. In college, the financial institution or scholarship plan dealer that holds your child’s educational savings plan will mete out educational assistance payments.

And contrary to what people believe, EAPs can be claimed by the beneficiary in secondary school, not just in college or when the beneficiary applies for a valid program in the university.

Limits to Contributions
You can only contribute a maximum of $50,000 to your child’s registered education savings plan. However, this does not mean that you cannot open more than one savings plan for your child’s future education. You can open an unlimited number of plans and spread out your contributions.

Obviously, there will be some differences in the private policies of the institutions or dealers that are offering such savings plans, so read, read, and read before signing up. You still cannot exceed the $50,000 ceiling for contributions even if you have more than one educational plan open for your child.

What If Your Child Doesn’t Study After High School?

The situation where a beneficiary does not pursue a degree after secondary school is common. What happens to an RESP in this situation? Canadian law states that the subscriber can withdraw money from the savings plan at any time. However, the Canadian government also matches contributions to a certain extent.

When does the government pull out its contributions? Current policy states that if the beneficiary does not pursue a post-secondary degree training program 36 years after his/her completion of secondary school, the Canadian government reserves the right to request the grant money to be returned to the national coffers.

If you withdraw money from an Heritage RESP and you do not use it for your child’s college education, the government will tax you (the money will be subsumed under “income tax”) and you will pay the government a 20% penalty based on how much you withdrew from the RESP.

All RESPs in Canada are government-sponsored, so there is no escaping this clause. If you want a savings plan that you can use for business and other purposes, there are other financial instruments and investment programs for that. Don’t use an RESP.

17- Jan2018
Posted By: Terrance

How to Make the Most Out of Realtor Marketing Campaigns

A REALTOR marketing campaign may seem simple enough to complete at first glance, but many real estate agents are frustrated by the amount of time and money they put into a marketing campaign and the lack of results they get from it. Real Estate Agent Marketing often consists of having an online presence with an individual or company website as well as real estate CRM. Additional steps, such as hosting open houses and even advertising in local print media sources, may also be pursued. However, if you have pursued all of these avenues and are still not generating the number or quality of leads that you desire, there are some steps that you can take to improve the results of your efforts.


Find More Qualified Leads
If you are like many other real estate agents who have a direct mail marketing campaign, you may be using a list of local property owners. This is a thoughtful target audience to touch with your direct mail marketing campaign as some will want to sell or buy in the near future. However, more qualified leads may be available, and this may include people who are actively interested in buying or selling a home. How can you find more qualified leads? There are several options to consider. One idea is to add an opt-in feature to your website to capture leads. Another idea is to use third party real estate websites to capture leads for those who are researching the market online.

Complete a Comprehensive and Thoughtful Marketing Campaign

It is common for real estate agents to send out direct mailers to their list when their pipeline dries up and to avoid marketing when business is booming. While this may be seemingly great for your needs, keep in mind that your target audience may benefit from more regular touches. Regular touches will ensure that your name is kept at the front of their mind, and it can build name brand recognition. Furthermore, leads may begin to view you as a leader in the field through your marketing messages.

One of the keys to your success and profitability as a real estate agent is your ability to convert leads to sales, but before you can do this, you must find qualified leads to contact. Through real estate agent marketing and CRM, you can generate more leads that are truly qualified for you to reach out to. Implement these tips into your activities, and you may soon profit from the effort.  For more information about real estate CRM, please visit

29- Sep2017
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4 Different Types of Freight Services

Have you ever required freight services? Which one did you use? Virtually everyone needs courier services once in a while. Delivery services are used to export, import, and carriage of local goods using various transportation companies. Different shipping needs are dealt with by freight services. Every company that provides any transportation services is reliable and convenient. Dangerous property and highly perishable good can be transported. Needs of various customers are taken into consideration. The availability of online tracking option enables the tracking of delivery all over and the shipment.

The services involve loading, unloading, and insurance services. The client’s goods are loaded into the container from the source and unloaded once they rich the destination. Special facilities for transporting freight that requires special conditions are available. For example, transportation of precious goods like gold or blood may need insurance services since they are risky. Here are various types of freight services that offered by different companies such as trucking companies, Canadian trucking company, and Transportation Company.

1. Air freight services

This is a type of duty that is dedicated deal with logistics for delivering of cargo. Air services are fast. Air freight has a high density which makes them not occupy much space on a cargo plane. However, they meet the required weight to be considered freight. If the package weight is more than 100 pounds, Air freight transportation is the best because of cost-effectiveness. Canadian trucking companies have delivery services. Most likely you can consider the use of this freight when your goods are urgently needed. The best thing with air freight is the flexibility having global coverage.

2. Less Than Full Truckloads

These type of services is offered to a customer whose goods don’t need the entire trailer. They good for companies that anticipate low volume or don’t necessary needs rushed deliveries. Trucking companies offer this service effectively. The remaining space in the truck is packed with cargo from other businesses that wish to save money on their small good. You can find more resources available at the Fortigo Freight Services website.

3. Partial Truckload

This type differs with Less Than Truckload freight. The freight involves delivering of fewer loads at a time and deal with all kinds of cargo. Refrigerated, overweight, and temperature-controlled goods are also accommodated in the freight. The issue of logistics is also considered. The truck is mainly preserved for medium-size loads.

4. Full Truckloads

Deliveries are expected to occupy the entire trailer. Companies with large and bulky load can choose this type of freight. A lot of commodities usually offset the cost of a bigger truck. The truck is typically faster as compared to Less Than Load because it does not drop the load along the way.

Those are the principal types of freight service that are provided by different companies such, Trucking company, transportation company, and Canadian trucking company. You should consider using the transportation that will suit your needs and the one that is cost friendly.

22- Sep2017
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7 Tips to Improve Your Company’s Accounts Receivable

A common reason why a private enterprise shuts down is because they have run out of money. In today’s hectic work environment and ultra-competitive economy, it is important to get paid as fast as possible. What business can wait a handful of months to receive their money? The answer is no one, which is why many companies will take advantage of accounts receivable, or AR – you and your team will quickly learn that cash is king.

Here are seven tips to improve your company’s accounts receivable (AR):

1. Don’t Get Stuck in Long-Term Factoring Contracts

Suffice to say, most small business owners make the mistake of entering into long-term factoring receivables contracts. There are multiple negatives of getting involved in such an extensive contract, especially if you think you have chosen the wrong third-party company.

2. Bank Lockbox vs. Private Lockbox

Here is a bit of advice to save you headaches in the future: select an accounts receivable factor firm that uses a bank lockbox rather than a private lockbox. The former is important because banks will extend you detailed reports if the payments take too long to process.

3. Track All Payments Carefully

Perhaps this is just common sense, but every company should track all payments carefully. To ensure that you get paid and you know who owes what, you need to properly monitor payments.

4. Speak with a Bank for Better Cash Managing Tools

As we previously mentioned, your business never wants to run out of cash. Should you not receive your payments on time, then it would be wise to speak with a bank for better cash managing tools to remain in the black. This will prevent stress should a client not pay up.

5. Minimize Any Payment Barriers

You want to avoid excuses, you want to prevent delays and you want to keep the customer happy. The best way to achieve these results? Minimize any and all payment barriers – allows your clients to pay any way that they choose.

6. Limit Credit to Overdue Clients

First, it’s important to establish a credit policy – who, what and when. Second, it is pertinent to limit credit to overdue clients – it’s OK for a client of five years to miss a payment once in a while, but if they do this on a regular basis then you will have issues down the line.

7. Keep Notes of Every Transaction & Meeting

Lastly, like a client relationship management (CRM) system, you should keep and maintain in-depth notes pertaining to each transaction and meeting with your clients. This is an organizational skill that will ensure your company gets its money.

22- Sep2017
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Top 9 Reasons To Use Document Scanning Services

Scanning all of your business documents is an overwhelming task, but it can bring you many benefits. Hiring someone else to scan your documents is an even better idea if you want to save time and money. Here are the top 9 reasons to use document scanning services.

1. Keep your original documents in great condition

Scanning your paper documents will allow you to keep them in perfect condition, while you can add personal notes and reminders to your scanned copies.

2. Access your documents from anywhere

When your documents are scanned and stored online, your employees can have access to them anytime, whether they are working in your office, from home, or on the road.

3. Store your documents in a secure document management system

When you hire a scanning service, your scanned documents will be stored in a document management system. It’s an easy way to keep your business secure and compliant, and to keep track of who is viewing your documents.

4. Find what you need more quickly

Searching through file cabinets to find the paper document you need can be a waste of time. Using keywords to find the scanned document you are looking for is quicker and much easier.

5. Save some time

By using document scanning services instead of asking your employees to scan all of your documents, you are saving a lot of time and increasing your productivity.

6. Save some money

Scanning documents and working with them online should be more cost-effective than printing out documents, and having to maintain your printer and to purchase printing supplies. You will also not be wasting any ink or paper.

7. Save some space in your office

If you don’t need to keep your original documents in great condition, you can simply get rid of them and keep only the scanned copies. This is an easy way to save some space in your office.

8. Keep your documents safe

Keeping your scanned documents online in a secure system will protect them from theft, fire or flooding. Keeping your documents stored in different locations will ensure that you will never lose them, no matter what happens.

9. Get all the support you need

When you hire the right document scanning services, you will be able to receive helpful support if there is an issue with your scanned documents or with your storage and management system. Check out the CASNET website if you want to learn more.

31- Jul2017
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4 Reasons to Use Corner Guards in Your Home or Business

Accidents happen. This is a fact of life. One of the best ways that you deal with accidents is to prepre for them. Whether in a home or business, this is the key to reducing costs and protecting the people who are in a specific location. A great way to do this is to use corner guards on your corners.

Guards are an investment into your home or business and will pay for themselves in the long run. The following are four excellent reasons why you should use guards in your property.

1. Protect Drywall Corners from Damage
The primary reason most people use a corner guard is for protecting walls from damage. Corners are often the most damaged part of your walls. Their location makes it easy for items being carried or pushed to be caught on them. The result is dents, gouges, and torn drywall paper.

Using a guard reinforces the corner and provides an additional barrier that helps protect your finish and will keep your corners looking great for years to come. The good news is that they can be purchased to match any decor and some models may also be painted to blend in.

2. Prevent Wallpaper from Peeling Up
The worst part about using wallpaper in a home is that it often will peel at the corners over time. This is especially true in the kitchen and bathroom where moisture eats away at the adhesive. If you plan to add wallpaper during your home or business renovations, consider adding a guard to every wallpapered corner to keep the wallpaper looking great for much longer.

A high quality guard will keep the paper in place and help your wallpaper last longer. saving you money on repairs.

3. Prevent Injury
Corners are a common area in a commercial business or home where injuries occur. Rubber corner guards are an excellent solution to this proble and are very durable.

Toddlers and young children are especially prone to injury on corners. When they run and play, they simply do not pay attention. A rubber guard on corners will minimize injuries and keep children safe. If you want to learn more, visit Boss Corner Guards.

4. Add Architectural Interest
If you feel like a room needs a little something, a decorative guard is a great way to protect and enhance a room. Wooden guards can be add architectural elements, similar to crown moldings. Stainless steel and aluminum can also be cut into intricate designs or have textured patterns that add to the archictecture of a space.

Corner guards are an excellent additon to any home or business’s decor. A high quality guard will save you money, protect people from injury, beautify a space, and provide you with piece of mind.

09- Jun2017
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The Beneficiaries of Field Service Management Software

Geographically dispersed work requires great collaboration, coordination and information mobility. That is where field service management software comes in to handle scheduling, dispatch and service parts management. The software automates and streamlines the entire service process and offers connected and disconnected mobility. Field service management software (FSM) helps companies such as HVAC firms plumbing companies, and electricians to send technicians into the field.

FSM software can automate most tasks currently done on paper like invoicing and scheduling. Additionally, the software enhances communication between professionals on the ground and employees in the office with the use of bills or work orders. Candidates of FSM software are companies whose field work is fundamental to their model. Such companies have their assets and equipment located across extensive geographic areas; thus, they require inspections, repairs, efficient monitoring, testing, and installation.

How FSM software helps the company:

Managers in an organization no longer have to call technicians or wait for them to come in to collect orders. FSM software helps managers to dispatch through features such as automatic invoicing and scheduling. The features aid in saving time for managers by carrying out a job that is hard to do on paper easily. Automatic scheduling reminders give managers peace of mind knowing that your workers will not miss an appointment.

Customers can use the client portal to schedule appointments without the struggle of calling the office. Additionally, FSM software enables clients to receive calls 30 minutes before a service technician arrives at their location to alert them that the technician is on the way. Clients also get a detailed description of the professional’s work including what they will fix and the pricing. FSM software enables customers to pay for the task after its competition. For additional information, visit Miracle Service and learn more from their online resources.


Technicians have less down time in their day because they don’t have to go back to the office to pick up work orders or turn in invoices. FSM software has mobile solution feature that helps technicians to trace a job location in the fastest way possible through the GPS system. Additionally, technicians have the service history of a site at their fingerprints. Therefore, they quickly learn helpful tips such as parts that have caused trouble in the past as well as what they should consider. Consequently, the inventory manager ensures that the technician never gets stuck at a site without the necessary tools or equipment.

FSM software is also used for accounting purposes. You can easily manage account transactions, which keeps accountants updated on the available funds and the capacity to work within the budget. Additionally, the software can be used to import and export data for use with standard software applications. The best part is that the software provides flexibility without compromising on quality and time.

FSM software helps in managing and field service scheduling work. Additionally, technicians can offer better preventative maintenance services, which improve customer experience. Every company should consider purchasing field service management software.

08- Jun2017
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Four Important Tips to Have When Negotiating Personal Guarantee

If, by some change, you do manage to get a loan, you will notice they don’t have strict rules like you being asked to read and sign a personal guarantee form which will put your own assets like real estate, car/s, savings, and other valuables, at the lender’s hands should you fail to repay the loan. Most of the time, you find that businesses and business owners feel so relieved and overjoyed of getting a loan that they forget to read the fine print binding the loan. And you find that this is what usually puts them at risk.

But it is extremely vital that you read the fine print of the loan you are about to take, and even try to negotiate the terms of the agreement. Who knows, you may be lucky and find things like the interest rates being adjusted more in your favor. In most borrowing situations, you find that the lender is the person always in the driver’s seat, and it is what he/she says that is the law on the loan. But there are some occasions and tips that you can apply when negotiating personal guarantee agreements that can help you seize some control over the terms too. Here are some of them that you can try out and see how they work out for you and your business.

1. Spread the risk

There are times when you will find that all the owners of the business, and not just the primary owner, are needed to sign the personal guarantee forms of the lender. If your business has multiple investors, for example, who own at least 10% of the business each. The lender may require that all of them put their signatures on the personal guarantee form. This ensures that each of the investors should be liable for some portion of the loan and any risks incurred as well. But it is advisable that each person who puts his/her signature on the personal guarantee form only accounts for the risk of the equivalent amount to his/her percentage of the company’s investment. In this case, for example, each investor should only be liable for 10% of the debt should anything go wrong.

2. Shorten the time frame

Many personal guarantee forms are usually signed ‘unconditionally and forever’ and for the term of the loan, it is advisable that you, the borrower, try to negotiate with the lender on an end date for the loan. You can request, for example, that the terms set on the personal guarantee form only applies to a portion of the total time that you are given to repay the loan. You can also try and negotiate an end date on some provisions of the personal guarantee agreement.

3. Limit the amount of guarantee

As the borrower, you can also try and protect yourself by requesting to have only a percentage, or portion of the loan to be covered by the personal agreement. Say, for example, that you are borrowing $1 million. What you can do here is try and negotiate with the lender if it can be possible to have the personal guarantee to cover only 60% of the whole loan. This will protect your business from suffering the loss of the whole $1 million should the business default to pay back the full loan amount. At least your collateral and personal assets will be off the hook for the whole $1 million.

4. Beware of risking it all

Before you agree to sign the personal guarantee form, you need to, first, carve out some of your assets that the bank can seize like your home should you default to pay back the loan. Some states in the U.S. like Texas and Florida, have it in law that banks or any other lenders can’t seize your homestead if you default to pay back any loan. But if you live in a state where this is not law, then you need to ensure that you cover these assets and protect the assets that you can’t afford to risk.

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Three Must-Have Features to Look for in Commercial Security Systems

Your investment in commercial security systems is one of the best steps you can take to deter crime on your property, and some commercial alarm systems can also be used to aid in the identification and prosecution of criminals. While you may be eager to take advantage of these and other benefits associated with the installation of a new security system for your venue, deciding which type of security alarms to invest in for optimal business security can be challenging. Your budget and the physical features of the property that you need to secure are prime areas of consideration when selecting commercial security systems, but the features in an alarm system are also important to consider. As you shop around for commercial alarm systems, look for these must-have features.

Wireless Capabilities
Many older business security systems are hard-wired in the property, and this means that there are long electrical wires that run to video cameras and other security features on the premises. Hard wired systems can easily be thwarted by simply cutting the power line. In addition, they make it easier for criminals to find the surveillance features on the property, and they can even limit your placement of these features based on the reach of the wires. The best commercial alarm systems have wireless capabilities that eliminate these potential downsides.

Night Vision Video Surveillance
Unless you have a 24-hour business and your lights are turned on around the clock, you need to have night vision with your video surveillance system. Night vision removes the benefit of shadows and darkened areas that criminals seek, and they allow you to view criminal activity in bright-as-day conditions.

Remote Monitoring Capabilities
Some security alarms require you to be on the premise in order to monitor your alarm. Many systems today have monitoring service that will contact you if there is a break-in or other activity on the property, but the most advanced systems allow you to monitor the alarm remotely as well. For example, you may be able to view the video camera feed from your smart phone or home computer when you are away from the office.

Technological capabilities for commercial security systems have improved significantly over the years. You may be using an outdated system, and you may be interested in making an upgrade in the near future. On the other hand, perhaps you are looking for a security system for a new business. For all of your security needs, these top features are must-haves for most venues. Take time to explore the benefits of these and other features to ensure that you buy the best system for your business security.

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Can You Negotiate Fees With Your Courier Service?

Can You Negotiate Fees With Your Courier Service?

Courier services are becoming increasingly popular as a shipping method for local delivery needs, and this is particularly true for small business shipping needs. When you need to deliver a package to an address in the local area, you may expect fast, reliable service from a trusted courier. However, some courier fees can be seemingly high for the number of hours worked. After all, delivering a single package to an address across town may not take more than an hour or two at most, and you understandably do not want to pay a fortune for the service provided. You may be wondering if you can negotiate fees with your courier for your small business shipping needs.

The Courier’s Overhead
Negotiating courier rates may be an option in some cases, but before you take this drastic step, consider the courier’s overhead. Many couriers are one-man shops, and others may only have a few employees with operations based out of the owner’s house. However, there are still costs for office space, office supplies, website design and maintenance, vehicle expenses, health and car insurance and more. This individual or small business may have significant overhead, and your package may be just one of a handful that are delivered each day. You pay for prompt pick-up and rapid delivery of the package, and to accomplish this goal, your courier cannot be swamped with business from other clients when you call for assistance. Therefore, in a sense, you pay for some of the courier’s downtime between customers as well.

When Fees Seem Too High
When you take into account the courier’s overhead, you may see how courier rates are calculated. However, in comparison to using the services of a larger shipping company, you may still think that the courier’s fees are too high for the service provided. Some couriers are open to negotiating rates, but others are not. You can offer to pay a certain price for the delivery of a package, and you may give specific reasons for offering a discounted rate. For example, it may be a bank holiday with minimal traffic on the roads, or the address may not be located too far from you. If your courier is not open to negotiations, you may need to find another delivery option to use.

In many cases, courier fees are highly competitive with other couriers in the local area, and many strive to be a more cost-effective choice than using the services of major shipping companies. However, there are times when the fees are too high to be cost-effective for your small business. Negotiating is one option, and you may also seek assistance from another delivery company if negotiations fail. For more information, you will be able to gain a better understanding from the Flagship Courier Solutions website.

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Get Your Package Delivered on Time With Professional Courier Services

Individuals and businesses alike often need to deliver packages and envelopes to nearby locations within a short period of time, but many lack the time in their schedule to make the delivery on their own. Paying for third party shipping services from the postal service or another well-known shipping company may not seem worth the time or expense, and you may be looking at local courier rates to determine if this is the right delivery method to use. Courier rates are typically affordable through most sources, and you may find that this is a great individual and small business shipping method that will result in your package being delivered to the recipient in a timely manner. With courier services, you can expect a great overall experience that includes these features.

Personalized Service
With most types of courier services, you can expect to receive a high level of personalized attention from the company as well as the individual delivery person, and this is unlike the experience you receive when using a major shipping company. With the large shipping companies, you generally receive a tracking number for your package, and this is your primary means of checking on the delivery status. However, with a courier service, you typically speak with a live individual, and that individual is either the person delivering your package or someone who can get in contact with him or her for a live update as needed.

A Hands-On Experience
When using a courier for individual or small business shipping needs, you may love the fact that couriers take a hands-on approach to delivering your package. Most couriers are used for local deliveries, and this typically means that the individual who picked up your package is the one who will hand-deliver it to the recipient. You can give the courier special instructions for the handling of your package with the assurance that your instructions will be followed.

Timely Delivery of Your Package
Most courier services pick up packages as a convenience to you, and they usually immediately deliver those packages. The actual travel time between the two locations may vary, and the courier may make another stop or two in between the two points. However, you can typically expect a fairly straight route that results in the rapid delivery of your package.

If you are looking for the fastest way to deliver a package, a reliable delivery experience or service that provides special handling, Flagship services may be the best option. With many services available in most areas of the country and beyond, you can explore the options today to find the right service to use for your current needs.

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Document Destruction Services – An Annual Line Item in Every Business Budget

Document Destruction – The Ultimate Security for Proprietary Business Data

Just as files security is a major issue for files kept on computer networks, document destruction should also be an annual line item in business budgets.

Consider the sensitivity of all of the types of documentation businesses regularly retain in filing systems. It isn’t unusual for business competitors to manage to gain access to documents that are not properly destroyed.

Why is Document Shredding a Necessity?
Document shredding is a necessity in businesses that must keep documents on file for a specified period of year in the event of an audit or requests from government agencies. These are usually financial, legal and proprietary product and service documents that, in the hands of competitors, could wreak havoc on business name and reputation.

Document shredding should be done as soon as data becomes certifiably obsolete. There is also the liability factor to consider when sensitive documents are not shredded by professional paper shredding services. (

How to Manage Document Destruction
If at all possible, there is a two-stage method of ensuring business documents cannot be retrieved for any future use. The first step is immediate in-office shredding with a comprehensive office shredder. The second stage is to have paper shredding services shred these pre-shredded documents and prepare them for final destruction.

Government documents are frequently shredded in this manner so that nothing remains of the paper trail. This is especially important for the type of documents that are linked to government contractors. (Ref.

Shredding Services – A Business Investment in Security
The cost of regular paper shredding is a business investment that reaps a great return. Business owners have peace of mind knowing sensitive documents are permanently inaccessible and also the potential for legal action no longer exists after documents are properly shredded.

Paper shredding services can be found throughout North America. It is important to compare the types of shredding methods used by each service that is under consideration. The frequency required for destruction of documents affects the cost of the services. Also, today’s shredding services offer mobile, onsite and offsite shredding of paper, computer disks and large business manuals. Avoid the drop off type of paper shredding contractor unless there is a special security drop off area that cannot be accessed from outside the facility.

How to Set Up a Regular Business Schedule for Destruction of Documents
Law firms, accountancies and research and development facilities all require regular destruction of documents. Schedule these services when there are lulls in the usual business phases. For some businesses, this may be at the end of every fiscal quarter. The scheduling of shredding of documents depends on the volume of documents to be destroyed.

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The Use of Enterprise Content Management in the Businesses Today

Every company and business running in the 21st century aims at providing customers with excellent customer service skills. Therefore, this has caused and increased interest in developing a functional enterprise content management system and Customer Communication Management platform. ECM and CCM comprise of combinations of different ways to capture the management and storage of information for easier retrieval. Information is stored either on the premise or in the cloud. In the past, there were very lengthy and cumbersome ways of retrieving information, for example, detailed reports of the past bank transactions. Currently, retrieval and delivery of information are very fast and at your fingertips.


ECM versus CCM

ECM and CCM are different from each other although but they are linked together by some important aspects. ECM refers to the collection and updating the unstructured documents on a database while CCM is a set of stored information. However, ECM would perform best when combined with a Customer Communication Management platform. This is because CCM contains features responsible for the conversion of raw data into informational data, which lacks in ECM. Enterprise content management solutions deal with specific content without merging it with other elements of the content to increase the value of the information. CCM platforms help in combining different heterogeneous batches of information as well as handling big data and analytics to come up with useful information.


Components of CCM

Customer communications management has a broad range of elements, which may include:
• Data extraction, management, analysis, and transformation software
• Document production reporting software
Email marketing and SMS communication software
• Printer management software
• Portal Technology among others


Importance of ECM

The use of enterprise management software has increased tremendously lately due to some factors. ECM offers a platform for managing the documents in a cheap, efficient, and easy way. Additionally, the workers use the time that they would have spent scanning the documents from huge files and folders to perform other duties in the business, leading to an increase in productivity. Use of ECM software has resulted in an increase on the rate of processing information in the businesses resulting in an improved way of keeping track of all the company’s data.

An enterprise content management solution also allows version control, which gives a platform to analyze different document versions. Additionally, the fact there are no large stacks of paper and files in the business is a relief to the workers. Various institutions generalize transactional content management and ECM. However, only the businesses that rely on content to perform their businesses, for example banks or brokerage firms, use the transactional ECM.

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The Future Shipping Industry Trends to Watch in 2017

The end of the year is always a popular time for forecasting what’s expected in the subsequent year(s). However, when it comes into predicting the future for the shipping, courier, and related businesses, those types of predictions should be driven less by gut feelings and assumptions and more by data and informed industry analysis.

Of course no one can predict with 100 percent certainty what the future of the industry holds. Nonetheless, being updated on new trends in the industry will go along way in
helping businesses keep up with the fierce competition in today’s markets.

Without much ado, below are the top 4 shipping industry trends to watch in 2017

Increased adoption of Drone delivery

One of the most talked about delivery trends is the upcoming surge in the adoption of drone delivery. In the coming years, more and more drone delivery options is expected, especially in the metropolitan areas.

Big courier services firms are already investing a lot of money in drone experimentation and have even made successful deliveries. In future, the use of these unmanned flyers will extend to even smaller businesses.

Big Data

Big data is already changing every industry, providing significant insights and capabilities that are making business operations safer and smarter. By leveraging on technical and engineering data, shippers will have greater visibility into pricing and other market trends. Data driven analytics will also improve tactical decisions, allowing shippers to choose optimal routes by taking into account piracy risks, fuel consumption and weather conditions.

Free shipping as an after-sale service

Even with the increased shipment costs, providing free shipping has proven to be more valuable than ever. The trend is expected in many e-commerce markets simply because the leading competitors are offering it. Of course, not every company will be ready to provide free shipping on every order that their customers place. A common strategy that will gain more ground in the coming years is the provision of the service after a given order value threshold.

Going Green

Like any other sector, today’s delivery industry is shifting towards a green image. A wide range of innovations are proposed on a daily basis to reduce environmental footprint of the industry as a whole—better propeller performances, air cushion, skysails, and high-tech coating technologies are being adopted. But these are just the beginning; more specialized technological trends are expected to push the industry towards greener and environmentally-friendly era.


Shipping is an important aspect of any e-commerce business, and every firm should come up with working and efficient strategies. Staying updated with the latest trends while implementing and tweaking them as necessary will go a long way in helping big and small business shipping firms figure out what’s working and what’s not. For more resources, the FlagShip blog may provide you with additional information.

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3 Tips for Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

If you are a restaurant owner who is looking to cut costs while buying the equipment that your business needs, you might be thinking about buying used kitchen equipment. This can be a good option for any restaurant owner, but there are a few tips that you will want to keep in mind. These are a few helpful tips that can help you get the best results when buying used commercial kitchen equipment.

1. Look for Modern Used Equipment

First of all, even though you might be able to find cheaper prices by buying older used equipment, you should know that there are some perks to buying newer models of the various types of equipment that you need. Many restaurants end up selling newer used equipment because they either update or go out of business, so it’s not a lost cause. By looking for newer equipment, even though you might spend a little more money on it, you’ll be able to enjoy the better safety features and other features that you might not find with older equipment. Plus, newer equipment is often certified and is up to code, so you won’t have to worry as much about issues with local inspectors saying that the equipment is outdated and unsafe.

2. Choose Gas Over Electric

Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to look for gas equipment rather than electric equipment, especially when you are buying used equipment. For one thing, many people find that gas-powered equipment is more eco-friendly and more affordable to operate. However, there is another reason why this is the best choice when you are buying your equipment used. Basically, gas equipment has less complicated parts than electric equipment, in general. This means that there is less of a chance that the equipment will malfunction after you purchase it. Since this can be a big concern when you are buying used equipment, it is something to pay attention to.

3. Test it Out

It is never a good idea to buy commercial kitchen equipment without trying it out. This is not always an option, but if you are buying equipment that you can’t try out, you will generally only want to do so if you are buying it from a dealer that you can trust or if there is at least a short-term warranty attached.

As you can see, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying used equipment for your restaurant. By looking at these three things, you can help ensure that you score great deals on equipment without buying commercial kitchen items that you will not be happy with. Find more information at Silver Chef Canada and learn from the available resources.