17- Nov2016
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Deli-Style Trends Expected to Last

Unfortunately, lunch meat and the delicatessen that sells them receives a fairly bad reputation. People rarely correlate a deli with a cutting edge trend, usually because they are unaware of what these establishments really have to offer. Rather than pulling a number and waiting in line to receive the same, dull bologna, consider the fads sweeping the industry and the field of catering services in general for a more riveting approach to eating.

Expanded Flavor OptionsMost are able to understand why delis receive a fairly dull reputation because they are often affiliated with simple options. However and in recent years, these establishments have expanded their flavors to be more international, exciting, and perfect for a multitude of occasions. A professional caterer understands the need to incorporate tastes like Daniele Bresaola, which is beef that has been cured for three months, and Mortadella Pistachio, an Italian bologna filled with chunks of fat and fresh pistachios, into their business.

Upscale Sides and Soups

Typical potato salad and tomato soup are hard to come by in delicatessens nowadays; more intricate sides, including fresh chowders, robust pasta salads, twice baked potatoes, house salads with crisp vegetables, and even homemade potato chips are what’s trending today. These classy sides make it possible for catering services to provide solid meals for a vast array of events opposed to small luncheons.

A Focus on Desserts

Granted, desserts are always popular, but when it comes to delis, these sweet treats are rarely mentioned, a reality that makes the process of hiring professionals more difficult. Because of this, a current fad is to play dessert up by incorporating new ones into the overall menu of the establishment. Instead of a typical deli-style cheesecake, the industry is baking cookies, cakes, brownies, homemade ice cream, fried sweets, and even international favorites such as crepes, macaroons, and cannolis.

Smaller, but Filling

Surely there is an emphasis on eating healthy, specifically when the topic of portion control is presented. Though these services are known for crafting rich foods, an understanding on monitoring the portions is being used. Balanced meals are presented, which is excellent when wanting to sample multiple menu items without feeling any of the guilt. This concept greatly coincides with the smaller plate trend that has been heavily appreciated in the industry for years as well. Lesser portions are ideal for events that encourage dancing or any other physical activity, too. You can learn more by visiting Greensville Gourmet.


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