25- Sep2016
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Electric Bikes- The New Mode of Travel

Among the lesser known marvels of commuting today is the electric bicycle. Also known as e-bike, it has the potential of turning almost any situation into a trailblazing, fun filled session of excitement. It’s important to note that an electric bicycle is not the same as the standard moped. Electric bikes come with an on board battery but you will still need to do some pedalling at least in some parts of your trip. The majority of electric bikes are pedal-assisted and several even have throttles.

Healthy Commuting

While e-bikes save you money that you would have otherwise spent on filling the car gas tank, it will also you save time and takes away all of the frustration associated with traffic jams. Then, throw in the endorphin-driven, mood-elevating daily exercise routine. With an electric bike, you arrive at your destination in the best of moods.

Easier Parking

You cannot easily forget how you dread the parking nightmare every morning. Even when you have a secured or reserved parking space at your place of work, it certainly feels nice to avoid having to drive into those concrete monstrosities that have become of the modern car parks and be able to ride your e-bike right to the office door.

And who can forget the joy of not having to pay parking fees. Even if you have to pay for bike meters, definitely, easier parking options are most welcome, a reprieve from those nasty parking tickets.

Saves you Money and Time

Everybody wants to save some bucks during these hard economic times. Electric bikes come with huge cost savings. This could be as huge as saving you from having to buy a car! You may also opt to using an e-bike to occasionally supplement your current modes of transportation and hence keep some money from filling up that gas tank. Besides saving the environment, the rechargeable battery pack will save you from daily trips to the gas filling station.

Reduces Pollution

Today you won’t go very far without being encouraged or persuaded to become more “green”. The global trend is to give more care and attention to our fragile environment. Electric bikes are green as it can get. Coming with rechargeable battery packs, the e-bike gets you to almost any destination that your car can, but with a much better carbon footprint. You physically stay fitter while contributing to environmental conservation.


The electric bike has seen tremendous growth in terms of popularity around the world. Today, 1 out of 7 bicycles being sold is in fact battery-assisted. A 2009 report on “Electric Two-Wheel Vehicles” forecasts that over 466 million motorcycles and electric bikes will be sold globally between 2010 and 2016, representing a10% growth in annual compound rates. You might be interested in learning more at the Scooteretti website.


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