21- Feb2017
Posted By: Terrance

Future of CRM: How Different Will That Be?

CRM is the abbreviated form of what is commonly known as Customer Relationship Management. Now, it is arguably the most crucial aspect in a business since customers are the soul of any corporate business. Knowing what the customers need and what they absolutely don’t is something that has to be on the fingertips of the people in charge.

Marketing is something that is far from static. It has to constantly evolve as the customers do. Monolithic tricks to manage the relationship with the customers will lead you nowhere. For real estate agents, the most important aspect is to keep abreast with the latest techniques that would keep the customers returning to the agents for helping them look for the house that they would call their ‘home’.

What Kind Of Changes In CRM Are We Looking At?

Gone are the days when CRM was tethered to the desktops and the software in them. Times are changing and so is CRM. Here’s a look at the alternatives:

1. Mobile: Mobiles have probably been one of the biggest revolutions of all times. And it has all the important qualities that are needed by the CRM industry to work with the customers efficiently: It is handy and portable making the customers accessible at all hours; it makes the exchange of information between the customer and the seeker of the information much flexible. For example, through apps with a good user interface, the real estate agents can get a lot of information about the properties their customers are interested in: the type, size, location et cetera. Likes and dislikes of each customer can be analysed separately and can be preserved for later use as well. Using mobiles for customer management is an option that has a lot of potential and is very practical because we are living in times when mobile is one of the products that has the largest consumer base. So through mobile phones we can reach a large target audience which we want..

2. Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is another revolution that eased and untwisted paths leading to a wide range of purposes. In CRM, cloud computing can be used to store customer-related information in a categorical manner that makes the stored data search-friendly. It also makes the data easily available for looking up later when required. Thus, it preserves the data as a solid resource and can prove to be the best CRM for real estate. Actually, this is an augmentation to the usage of mobile phones for CRM. The information gathered through apps can be saved in the cloud storage. This reduces the chances of getting that information lost and makes it way more accessible than containing the same information in large bulky files and folders made out of paper, since cloud storage account can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. And hey, it saves paper too!

3. Social Media: Now, this goes without saying that in the current times, social media is a platform that boasts of the kind of reach to the masses like no other form of media could. And rightly so! Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. You name it, and you would find an unbelievable string of numbers representing the number of followers of these social media platforms. What could be more important for building a customer relationship than such kind of reach to the common masses which happen to be the potential customers too?

Customer Relationship Management can be testing at times. It is not a cakewalk. It requires a constant interaction with the customers and their changing needs with the changing times.


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