23- Dec2016
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Physiotherapy Works Wonders – But How Exactly Does It Work?

One of the saddest things about growing old is how our body grows weak with time. As we grow older, our muscles and joints tend to become weak, paving way for one of the most common and unfortunate problems that come with age – arthritis. Most of the people in the age group of 40-60 complain of knee pains or other joint aches. Growing old is fun only if we are healthy enough to enjoy our retired life; and one way to ensure that is by regular exercise and physical maintenance.

Though problems with bones and joints usually occur at later stages of life in humans and are often associated with old age, with the increasing number of jobs that require working on a computer rather than doing actual physical work, according to a survey almost 80 percent of the population today suffers from back pain and other body aches. Also, movements can become limited due to a number of other factors such as sports injuries, diseases that affect the muscles and tendons, etc.

Physiotherapy is just what is needed in today’s world, to help people maintain their normal functional abilities throughout the period of their life.

So, what is physiotherapy and how does it work?

Physiotherapy or physical therapy is a treatment that prevents or lessens the pains caused by injuries. It basically involves performing a series of exercises that best fit your body and your diagnosis in order to reduce your aches and give you maximum functionality. Being active and strong definitely gives a person a better quality of life, and who doesn’t want to be hale and healthy all the time?
Physiotherapy Toronto helps a person to regain functionality by using practiced techniques or regular exercises to improve and strengthen a particular part of the body. A physiotherapist studies medical subjects like neuroscience, anatomy, etc in order to find out what exactly works for a person.

It also works by correcting a lot of simple factors like posture, balance, movement, etc. We have all heard of how a physiotherapist would suggest sitting straighter or maintaining a different posture in order to reduce certain pains. Following the posture would actually reveal results quickly and most likely, prevent the pain from occurring again. This is done by studying the mechanics of the body and prescribing exercises that help you achieve more flexibility.

In physiotherapy, the whole musculoskeletal system is concentrated on, in order to ensure that the joints and muscles needed for walking, standing and running are well maintained.

It helps treat diseases like asthma, back pain, etc and can solve problems associated with the musculoskeletal, respiratory, cardiovascular and neuromuscular systems.

Though physiotherapy is extremely beneficial, it requires a continuous effort on the individual’s part in order to work and reap benefits. This can be difficult, given that no one likes to work out when they’re already in pain. But physiotherapy can help relieve the pains, also avoiding any expensive and excruciating treatments in the future. So, ultimately, it’s worth all the effort and time.


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