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Village of Round Lake Heights Police Department

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Parking Ticket Payments
The Village of Round Lake Heights offers three convenient ways to pay parking tickets:

ONLINE - Click Here E-Pay Fines & Fees *A convenience charge applies to online payments

Village of Round Lake Heights 619 W. Pontiac Ct. Round Lake Heights, IL 60073

At the address listed above. There is also a drop box available for after hours payments.

Traffic Ticket Payments must be paid at the Lake County North Branch Court. The branch court is located at: 1792 Nicole Lane Round Lake Beach, IL 60073 (847) 377-3400

The fee for a police report copy is $5.00

Round Lake Heights Police Department

Round Lake Heights Police Department
Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Round Lake Heights Police Department to provide law enforcement services with integrity and dedication.

To preserve life, property and the individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States.

To work in partnership with citizen groups and the community as a whole to enhance the quality of life in the Village of Round Lake Heights.

To prevent the commission of criminal acts when possible and to fully investigate crimes when they occur and apprehend & prosecute the criminal offenders.

And to earn the respect of the citizens of the Village and all individuals by maintaining a professional, knowledgeable and well-trained police force which is recognized for its fairness, tolerance and equality in the discharge of its law enforcement duties.
- John R. Roehlk, Chief of Police

PDF Format VRLH New Parking Permission Number available in Adobe Acrobat Click Here to view or save.

Round Lake Heights Police Department

The Illinois Secretary of State's
office has established an Emergency Contact Database which allows Illinois driver's license and ID cardholders to enter emergency contact information into a voluntary, secure database. In the event of a motor vehicle crash or other emergency situation when a person is unable to communicate directly, law enforcement may access the database to help them reach the person's designated contacts. For more information or to join the EMERGENCY CONTACT DATABASE visit:

Round Lake Heights Police Department

Click It or Ticket -
The Round Lake Heights Police Department participates in all Click It or Ticket seatbelt enforcement campaigns. Seatbelt and child protection laws are strictly enforced throughout the year with special enforcement patrols during peak travel or holiday periods. Please, Buckle up!

Child Safety Seats 

    Keeping Kids Safe in Vehicles: Top 10 Tips:
  1. Infants must always be placed in rear-facing seats until they are at least one year old and 20 lbs. However it is recommended they stay rear facing until age 2. If less than a year old and more than 20 lbs., be sure they ride in a seat approved for heavier babies and continue to ride rear-facing until at least one year old. Children may ride rear-facing in many seats up to 35 lbs.
  2. Remember: Never place a rear-facing infant seat in front of an active passenger air bag.
  3. Once children are forward-facing, they should ride in a forward-facing seat (toddler seat) until they reach approximately 40 lbs..
  4. All children who have outgrown child safety seats should be properly restrained in booster seats until at least 8 years old and are 4'9" tall.
  5. Old/used child safety seats should not be used unless you are certain they have never been in a crash and you have all the parts (including instructions). Seats six years or older should be discarded and never used. To check if your safety seat has been recalled, log on to
  6. Always read both the vehicle owner's manual and the instructions that come with the child safety seat.
  7. Kids of all ages are safest when properly restrained in the back seat. It is recommended that all children under age 13 ride in the back.
  8. It's important to remember that the "best" child safety seat is the one that correctly fits the child, the vehicle, and is used correctly every time.
  9. Get your child safety seats checked!

Round Lake Heights Police Department School Zone established on Lotus Drive. A designated School Zone has been established on Lotus Drive from Warrior to just north of Mohawk Drive. The School Zone speed limit is 20 MPH and is strictly enforced. For the safety of our children, please be aware of this new speed zone as you pass Indian Hill Elementary and Round Lake Middle School.

Additionally, a new State Statute states cellular phones shall not be used in a school zone. Please refrain from using a non-hands free phone while in this school zone. 625 ILCS 5/12-610.1(e)

Round Lake Heights Police Department

Round Lake Heights Police Department Neighborhood Watch
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is one of the most effective and least costly ways to prevent crime.
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH forges bonds among area residents. It helps reduce neighborhood crimes and creates a partnership between law enforcement and the community.
NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH fights the isolation that crime both creates and feeds upon. Neighbors working together in cooperation with law enforcement makes the best crime fighting team around!

Any community resident can join a Neighborhood Watch; young or old, single or married, renter or homeowner. Members can learn how to make their homes more secure, watch out for each other and the neighborhood, and report suspicious activities to the Police Department.
You can form a Neighborhood Watch group for any area: a street, mobile home park, apartment complex, marina, community recreation center, or park.
Neighborhood Watch groups are not vigilantes. They are extra eyes and ears for reporting crime and helping neighbors. Neighborhood Watch builds pride and serves as a springboard for efforts that address community needs. Citizen involvement is essential to combat this social crisis.

  • Contact the Police Department for assistance in training residents in home security and reporting crime.
  • Select a block captain who will be responsible for organizing meetings and relaying information to group members.
  • Encourage participation and commitment among residents and neighbors. Make a special effort to involve the elderly.
  • If you are interested in becoming a block captain, call the Police Department's Community Division Unit for additional information.
  • Someone screaming or shouting for help, or being forced into a vehicle
  • Someone looking into windows or parked cars
  • Property being taken out of closed businesses or houses where no one is at home
  • Vehicles cruising aimlessly
  • Someone spraying graffiti on buildings
  • Strangers sitting in a car, stopping to talk to kids
  • Abandoned vehicles, suspicious people, unusual noises
  • A sudden change in a neighbor's routine: newspapers piling up; drapes drawn; mailbox overflowing with mail, etc
For more information or for assistance in starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood, please contact Sergeant Scott Crawford at (847) 546-9704 ext 308 or

Vacation House Watch
is a police service that helps protect unoccupied homes while Round Lake Heights residents are away on business or travel. Police will inspect homes periodically to help ensure their security. You must come in person to the Round Lake Heights Police Department and complete the form.

Round Lake Heights Police Department Earn a $25 reward! is a private endeavor created to assist Law Enforcement with identifying subjects wanted for questioning in criminal investigations. Identity Theft and related crimes like credit card fraud have plagued society for a number of years and most citizens know of someone, or they themselves have been victims of Identity Theft. Visitors to who can identify subjects, and help reduce their own chances of becoming a victim of Identity Theft, can remain 100% anonymous. and Law Enforcement do not need to know who you are; we need to know who you know. does not collect the data submitted by users; it merely forwards it to the Law Enforcement agency that submitted the image.

Round Lake Heights Police Department No tobacco products for anyone under age 18!
The Round Lake Heights Police Department participates in the Kids Can’t Buy ‘Em Here program hosted by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission. The continuous grant provides funds to monitor tobacco sales and conduct compliance checks at local businesses that sell tobacco products. We have participated in this program since 2004. We are pleased to report that there have been no violations and are proud of our businesses that take this matter seriously and ask for ID on tobacco sales within the State guidelines and individual store policy.

VineLink "Have you been the victim of a crime? Is the offender in prison? Would you like to be notified when they are released or their status changes?"

VineLink "Victims and other concerned citizens can register to be notified by phone, email, text message (SMS) or TTY device when an offender's custody status changes." "Please sign up for notifications at"

Home watch protection: If you are planning to go out of town for an extended period of time, you can have your home placed on a “Vacation Home Watch List” by contacting the Village Hall.

  • Police Chief - John R. Roehlk -
  • Sergeant Scott Crawford #301 -
  • Records Clerk - Cindy Thommes #302 -
    Police Officers
  • Shane Page #312 -
  • Garret Lambeta #315 -
  • Terry Kaminski #318 -
  • Joseph Vyhnanek #322 -
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  • Compliance -
  • Jobs -

Round Lake Heights Police Department "If you have an American flag that is no longer fit for display and you don't know how to properly dispose of it, please drop it off to Chief Roehlk at the front desk of Village Hall. Chief Roehlk will take them to the Marine Corps League three times per year."

Round Lake Heights Police Department "If you have any old cell phones, please drop them off at the front desk of Village Hall. They will be donated to an organization that wipes all the memory allowing only the Emergency 911 feature to remain. The phones are then distributed to battered women in need of emergency communications with law enforcement. Chargers are appreciated but boxes, manuals and other accessories are not needed."

Local Area Public Safety:
CenCom 9-1-1, Round Lake Police Dept, Round Lake Beach Police Dept,
Greater Round Lake Fire Protection District, Grayslake Fire Department,
Lake Villa Police Dept, Lake County Sheriff's Department.

Police - Emergency 911 / Non-Emergency - 847-546-9704 / 847-546-9729 (Fax)
Illinois State Police - Sex Offenders
National Sex Offender - Search - Click Here
Lake County Metropolitan - Enforcement Group
Illinois Secretary of State - Cyber Drive Illinois

Village of Round Lake Heights Police Department
Police Non-Emergency (24 hours) 847-270-9111
Police Administration during business hours 847-546-9704 / 847-546-9729 (Fax)

Public Works after hours/holiday 847-270-9111
Public Works during business hours 847-546-1206 / 847-546-9728 (Fax)

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