July 2016

05- Jul2016
Posted By: Terrance

Today’s Top Five Must-Have Restaurant Supplies

Today the restaurant industry in Canada reflects considerable complexity and diversification. From fast-food chains to a wide array of specialized ethnic cuisine, customers enjoy many potential selections. Yet regardless of the type of dining establishment, all restaurant managers benefit by making sure they keep some useful items in stock.

One: Beverage Supplies

Most restaurants enjoy significant mark-ups on beverages. To promote this profit center, investing in a reliable coffee maker and hot and cold high-volume beverage storage systems may prove helpful. You’ll prevent customers from having to wait for hot beverages.

Two: Fresh Produce

Keeping produce such as leafy lettuce and fresh fruits crisp enhances the quality of meals and enables restaurants to avoid waste. By shopping for the best prices on produce carefully, managers can help prevent overspending on perishable fresh menu items. Some dining establishments contract to purchase produce directly from farmers, an arrangement that often benefits the restaurant more than the agricultural producer.

Three: Busing Equipment

Investing in utility carts and extra dinnerware to expedite the busing of plates and the rapid cleaning and re-setting of tables can hold dividends in terms of improved efficiency. Studies have shown that many restaurants experience “peak” demand periods. For instance, some dining establishments earn half of their revenues on Fridays and Saturdays. These fluctuations in patron volume mean that equipment which assists the busing process can return significant benefits to the company.

Four: General Facility Cleaning Supplies

Keeping general cleaning supplies available to help sanitize floors, counters and other surfaces enables restaurants to meet health code requirements. By establishing systems for routinely re-ordering these products, you’ll save money and ensure that your facility does not run out of essential cleaning items.

Five: Refrigeration Equipment

Regardless of the type of restaurant, the ability to store certain food items safely within designated temperature ranges for some period of time vastly expands a dining establishment’s menu options and prevents unnecessary waste. Investing in a walk-in cooler and other items of sophisticated refrigeration equipment helps keep many bistros competitive. The benefits over the long term usually compensate for the significant costs involved. Experts recommend taking steps to select energy-efficient models and to engage in careful comparison shopping before selecting these essential items of restaurant equipment.

A Recipe For Success

By making sure you order essential items of restaurant equipment and supplies, you can help your business maintain a high standard of service. You won’t run out of important materials that help ensure an excellent dining experience for customers. Establishing systems to re-order these essential supplies represents a recipe for success in the contemporary restaurant industry!